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Need help naming new kitten

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Well no sign yet but today my niece called my husband and asked her if i would like another cat and he didn't know what to tell her because i said that i didn't want another one for a while. but she came over with an 8 week old tabby and she's adorable.As soon as i help her i started bawling because i miss Patches soooo much.We decided to keep her,she can't take the place
of my Patches but she's adorable and the kids have already become so
attached to her.Were trying to think of a name for her.
Our other furbaby Alley really doesn't know what to make of her,she hisses at her but i guess that is normal.Alley cried and cried for Patches all night last night We all miss her sooooo much and it really hurts alot. but we haven't
given up hope and won't til we find her one way or another ( meaning if she was hit by a car )
Thank you all for all the good vibes and prayers,please keep them coming.

Now we need a name for our new tabby kitten,any suggestions?
please help us name our new furbaby
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no suggestions?
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Originally Posted by chelle View Post
no suggestions?
You'll get suggestions from me, I love these threads!

Do you have any pics of her to help guide us?

What about:

DONATELLA\t- Beautiful Gift - Italian

MATAT - A very special gift - Hebrew

or how about:

Cadeau - the French word for gift (pro. ka-do)
Cadeaux - French for gifts (pro. ka-do)
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1. Maggie
2. Molly
3. Lady
4. Sadie
5. Lucy
6. Daisy
7. Ginger
8. Abby
9. Sasha
10. Sandy
11. Dakota
12. Katie
13. Annie
14. Chelsea
15. Princess
16. Missy
17. Sophia
18. Coco
19. Tasha
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One of my girls is named Lucy, and I really like that name for a cat.. pictures would make it easier, but I've always kind of liked the name Sophie/Sophia for a cat, too.
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Some of my favorite girls names:
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I don't have pics of her yet but she's a little Tabby kitten..she's
a little cutie
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Okay my son wants to name her Daisy and my daughter wants to name
her Libby.Were stuck between the 2..Which on do you like better?
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I like Daisy - pretty and delicate!

Hopefully Patches comes home soon to meet her new sister!
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I like Libby, but it really depends on which name the kitten responds to the most! My Miss Tobie preferred to be called "Gata" and JC prefers the nickname "Deetles"
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I perfer Daisy. (BTW: It originally meant 'the day's eye'.)
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She is still un-named..we just can't agree on anything so everyone is calling her "baby kitty" lol

Does anyone know what Simba's daughters name was in "Simbas Pride" ?
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Simba and Nala's daughter is Kiara.
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Oh yeah now i remember! Thank you
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I just happen to have that movie and I am looking it up for you now. The spelling that is. Kiara was Simba's daughters name. and Kovu was her boyfriend.
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Tavia..I love you siggie Well we decided to name her Nala,she
looks like a Nala
She and Alley are starting to get to know eachother which were
pretty happy about that
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Thats a cute name for a tabby
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She's doing very well in her new home she's a sweetie pie
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Nala is doing great She and Alley were playing today.
Still no sign of was a week ago Friday that she
went missing...but im still not giving up hope
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Another update.Nala is doing great and i am so thrilled that Alley likes her.
I think it will help her grieving over Patches
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What kind of food do you feed your cats? Mine are on Science Diet
but Nala doesn't really like it...what should i do?
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My girls LOVE Purina's Indoor Cat Formula!
For kittens I use Purina Kitten Chow.
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Thanks Super Cat....I'll give it a go hopefully she likes it
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my mikey isnt a fan of the indoor formula but doesnt seem to mind the regular cat chow. I buy it in those huge monster bags.

I started using Science Diet adult and kitten formula wet food. Mikey seems to like it and so does the kitten. Mikey is a skinny skinny cat, I hardly ever see him eating so I give wet food twice a day so i know hes getting something good in his belly and help make his strong and studly
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The only thing about store bought food is that they get the runs from it lol
I bought a new kind of Science Diet the other day and so far so good
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I think you should name it Skye

Sorry about you other cat
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