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I FINALLY finished my thesis!

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Okay so I finally finished my thesis! I've been working on it for over a year now! It's finally done! I can't believe it! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

It's about 40 pages, but there was a TON of research that went into it. Like, a ridiculous amount of research... I had to read through about 10,000 (not exaggerating) definitions in the OED. And find really really obscure books in the stacks at the library, from the 1800s and such.

Now I just have to defend it and turn in the bound copies.

Yay!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

I honestly can't express how excited I am.
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Congrats and good luck!
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Well done! Good luck.
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good work and good luck!!!!!!!
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What was the subject of it?
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Wow, what a triumph. Congrats !
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Oh yay! Congratulations! I bet you feel good!
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Thank you all!!! I'm giddy with excitement.

The subject was five particular suffixes:
-ster (like webster)
-oon (like spittoon)
-ling (like kittenling)
-kin (like dollkins)
-en (like proven)

I wrote five articles, as I would if I were gonna publish, plus a preface including -nik (like sputnik)
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Congratulations!!!!!! I've had a few friends do their thesis, and have seen the amount of pain and suffering and sacrifices that go into completing it, so can imagine what it must be like to finally finish!!

WOOHOOOO!!!!!!! What are you going to do to celebrate??
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I don't know what I will celebrate... I can't yet, I haven't defended it but next next weekend a friend is coming to visit and she just graduated, so we'll paint the town I'm sure!

Thank you all for the congrats! It was alot of work.
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Wow that should like a difficult topic. Congrats on the completion!!
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You must feel so relieved!
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Congrats! I hope that all goes well
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Congratulations! and good luck on your defense. I'm sure you'll do great!
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What a relief for you! Great job!!!!
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Well, my thesis advisor is going to go over it with me on Thursday, and then I'm handing it out to the committee on Friday.


Thank you all for the congrats!
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I remember those days! Although the longest paper I ever wrote was 20 pages but still it is very time consuming!
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Congratulations! What a relief it must be to finally be finished! Good luck on Friday!
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Congrates... What do you get for your thesis ?? a masters degree???
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Congratulations and Good Luck!
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Actually I don't get much. It's an Undergrad thesis, so I would get an Honors Diploma... but I'm not graduating from this school anymore, so I really get nothing. Aside from 10 credit hours I don't need! And personal satisfaction and pride!

I might try to publish in the future. And hopefully the school I'm transferring to will consider my thesis hours.
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Congrats! I'm going to guess you are an English major?
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Congrats! That reminds me of why I was a studio art major. I think the longest paper I had to write in college was 10 pages my first year.

As we say at my alma mater: "you're a beast!"
(and that's a good thing)

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English major, yes, transferring to a different school for a double major in English and Linguistics this next semester.

I have no idea how many pages total I've written... certainly in the hundreds.

Geesh It's certainly not for everybody! (english major, I mean)
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