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I am a new member too.

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I live in Adelaide, Australia (yep the down under). I have an imense love of kittys and 3 of my own. I have a blue persian, a black persian and a 10 year old 'moggy'. My bule persian is called Suisha named after an awesome japanes bar where we had many sakis in Tokyo one night, the black persian is called Neko japanese for cat, and my moggy is called Jazz. You may think I have a werid fascination with japan, well my brother lives in Tokyo and is married to a lovely japanese girl and now I ahve 2 beautiful jap/aust nephews.
My moggy "jazz" is the ruler of the house as she has been with su the longest, Suisha is very demanding and arrogant whilst Neko being the newsest and biggest is more like a rag doll cat. He walks only a few steps then falls at your feet wherever you go, when you pick him up he automatically starts purring (a lucky streak in a personality). I have 6 chooks as well and quite often in the summer I will find the kittys in the chook house asleep in the warm hay, they are all just fascinated with my chooks and share the bread I put out for them.
Well the site is fabulous and I look forward to reading everyones posts.
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G'day, Mate! Welcome to The Cat Site! Your kitties sound scrumptious and we all look forward to hearing lots more about them!

I have friends in Melbourne ... and one day hope to actually visit there. My friend Caryn is able to call me on the telephone now and again, and I just love her accent and some of the local slang she uses from time to time. It is through her that I knew instantly what you meant by having "chooks"! *smile* I am also particularly fond of the saying "I hope emus kick your dunny house down". *grin*

Again, welcome to TCS!

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Hello and welcome. Nice to have you and your threesome here.

I also have 2 persians (1 blue and 1 lilac cream) and one rescue moggy (black). I know what you mean - my stray, only with us for a couple of months has taken over. HE sleeps on the bed, HE eats first, HE has to have the first fussing.

Fifi the girl Persian is JUST like Neko. She falls at your feet, rolls around and waits for her tummy to be rubbed. As soom as you pick her up she puts her arms around your neck and purrs her little head off.

Baliero - the blue male is like Suisha. Loud, demanding and bullies the others. Very vocal in his dislikes. Spoilt in other words (Balie - not Suisha)!

Spooky - eh?

Maybe you can show us some piccies of your babies?

Sorry to be so thick - but what are chooks - chickens???

Have fun!
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Welcome to the site! We have members from all over the world, and it's good to see an Aussie joining our ranks! Come and join us in the Cat Lounge to get to know us a bit better, and for us to get to know you and your kitties better.
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Just wanted to say Hello and welcome to the Catsite.I'm new myself and having lots of fun trying to help people with my knowledge.

Teddie,Moxie and Christopher
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Hi Rebecca,
Great to have someone from Australia on the net. both my sons were in aussieland and loved it very much one even mined for opalsand keeps talking of going back.
I´m not surprised that you love Japanese names and the country .Iwas there 11 years ago because my husband was sent to Tokyo on an exchange by the government.My husband collects Jap art and i´m interested as well and we keep in touch with a few people there. I´ve become a Sumo supporter which will probably make you laugh. But back to our favourites the furries.
We have 2 cats Lily a domestic shorthair from a shelter 2 years old and Pinsel(because of the tufts in her ears) a lovely adorable Maine Coon 1 1/2 years old. We got her after an extremely unpleasant flight to the States.I was seated next to her breeder on the plane. And you can imagine 9 hours talking about cats was great. I had wanted a MC for years and that was my chance especially as Ireally liked that woman , we are still in touch.
She is a very conscientious and loving breeder. Look her up on the net. Iit´s Doublebee. you´ll love the pics of the cats.Next time more about the other cats Ihad during the last 20 or so years.Yes I´m that old. All the best Elisabeth in northern Germany
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Hi Elizabeth

It's nice to hear from someone who is interested in Japanese things too. My husband and I spent out honeymoon in Germany. Well europe but we fell in love with germany. Padderborn, Bad Reichenhall, Betchtesgarden and Altenmarket. We had the best time in your beautiful country. We can hardly wait to go again. Next year we are heading for Normandy, France in June. What part of Tokyo did you and your husband live? Tokyo is an amazing city I could easily live there. My brother has lived there for 11 years now and has a silver Chinchilla called 'Phoenix'. He is very neurotic, I guess because of his small appartment. When my brother goes to his mother-in laws in the Japanese mountains the cat goes as well and goes mental in his mother -in laws house running up and down stairs. Half your luck being seated next to a breeder, you wouldn't have shut me up, I would have come away with an order of 5 new kittys. My husband says 3 is enough but I wouldn't mind another one. I would love to see piccies of your Kitty Kats. I will post some piccies of mine tomorrow. I am on holidays from work now so I have more time to devote to this site. (they cancel Jerry Springer here on TV during the school holidays)

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