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Abby's and kidney problems-Need Advice!

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Hello- this is my first visit to this site and I have really learned alot by reading all your emails-thank you!
I need some advice- recently took my 6 year old abby to the vet-she is overweight and I haven't been able to get her weight down (I have another cat as well and she sometimes steals his food). Anyway- she is also drinking a lot of water and she pees alot- big volumes too.
The vet took exrays that showed her kidneys were not normally shaped- one had a big tumore looking growth on it and she stated that it also had some spots that appeared to be crystals (or that the kidney could be crystalizing).
the cat doesn't act ill, but she has not been very active like she used to be and she has a tough time lying down (seems sensitive too it).
The vet stated that the urine tests showed her urine was too "clean" and she felt that the kidneys weren't functioning as well as they should. But, she didn't know how severe this was as she'd never seen the cat before. She gave me some wet diet food and now I am to feed her only this food.
Vet stated that she should lose her wieght soon as her thyroid was active, and she would re-examine her again in a month.
does anyone know about whether abbys have a genetic trait for bad kidneys? What else should I be looking for in terms of signs if she's getting worse? The vet couldn't tell me how serious this was, or even if it will be fatal!
I would appreciate any advice as I LOVE my cat so much!
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if the vet hasnt done so yet, request bloodwork to be run on her. (if you can afford it) That should of been done pretty much the second the vet suspected kidney problems. I would have it done so if you have more bloodwork done down the road you have a baseline to start with. Good luck
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Run complete blood work and ask for thyroid check liver check and kidneys ....

Around here it is 50-100 $ for this //

WHat food are you feeding/ were you feeding also ??

Please have the vet be more through and possiblely get a second vet opnion ... I dont like a dr or a vet giving food and sending you off for a month
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Boy howdy, get a second opinion. If your kitty has early kidney issues, depending on what is wrong, there is a lot to be assessed and that can be done, but it needs to be done sooner rather than later.

Feeding wet food increases water intake (kitties with one condition - crf - deal with dehydration issues), but it doesn't address issues of protein per centage or phosphorous content, which if an issue of crf, are important.

I realize you do not know what is wrong yet, but this site - www.felinecrf.org, gives you all the information you could ever want if this were chronic renal failure (crf). It explains the tests to be done, the results, why they test the urine to see if it is too dilute (??perhaps this is what this vet meant by "too clean"? Who knows...blood work, imo, should have been done immediately, not sending you home for a month.)
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I have 2 abby cats. Yes, I have read in several articles that they can have a certain kidney problem asscociated with their breed. I can't think of the name of it. You could do a google search on abyssinian cats and kidney disease. So far with the 2 I have, I haven't had any problems except for one of them has the notortious abyssinian bad teeth. He is 3 years old, and has 8 teeth left since his last dental.
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So glad to hear your advice- my abby is 6 and she only has 2 of her back teeth and their getting bad! I have always given her teeth cleaning treats but apparently they don't help.
Thanks so much for your help!
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wow! you all are very helpful- actually she did run blood work too and found nothing- except an active thyroid- so she stated that she should lose her weight soon with the diet food.
The food I was giving her- IAMs wieght control for indoor cats (also hairball control). Now the vet put her on Royal canine weight control- wet canned food.
She wasn't very hungry last night and just wanted to sleep in my closet-but I did get her to eat this morning and drink lots of water.
So, I will call the vet and tell her these latest signs and see what gives. Any further advice is GREATLY appreciated- thanks so much!:
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