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my cat likes popcorn

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is that ok? theres butter and parmesan on it. but sometimes i make it with olive oil instead of the butter.
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On a totally limited basis it should be okay. Bit, loves it, and does a happy kitty dance every time I make some.
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our kittens love it too, but we dont let them have any people food - that way they dont bug us when we are eating. We used this with our older cats & after all these years they really couldn't care less what we were eating.
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Well, I guess it's okay if your cat's litterbox habits and bowl movements remain the same. My concern would be with the roughness of the edges of the popped corn on your cat's intestines.

I had a an episode a while back with my one of my cats (Bear): bloody diarrhea. Yikes! Turned out it was the kibble and Bear's "senstive stomach." Bear is fine now that I changed his food and revised his wet/dry feedings.

Vet said cat's intestines have blood vessels close to the membranes and therefore can sometimes easily be ruptured with rough feed, so bloody stools are not always a dangerous sign. (I was thinking in human terms, blood-stool-colon cancer...but it doesn't work that way with cats).

So, popcorn-feeder, just be aware of possibilities

Ann Demi
"Solutions to Cat Behavior Problems"
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My kitty loves popcorn and just corn too! I had some wonderful fresh summer white corn on the cob the other night and I guess I wasn't as neat an eater as I should have been - kitty was quick to gobble any kernels that dropped. She even went after my napkin and was cleaning it before I got it to throw out. I love to have a mini-bag of popcorn as a snack and she comes running when I open the bag.

I think part of it might be the butter. I don't give her any popcorn or butter, but she will definitely go after any "stray" kernels or crumbs. As long as I don't feed her any I don't mind if she picks up a small piece or three.
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Just be sure there isn't any garlic or onion powder.
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