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Kitten VS Cat

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I know I have asked this question before and got some great suggestions, but I am still wondering if there is anyway to know whether a kitten will be a good lap cat or not.

We took ours for shots and if you haven't read any of my posts we have 2, what we thought were 8 week old abandoned kittens. The vet told us more like 10-12 weeks old. They only weight 2 pounds each and I am a bit concerned about that.

Anyway, I saw others with kittens the size of our on a leash and sitting nicely in their owners laps. We could never do that. Ours will only be still for about 5 seconds for one of them and maybe a minute with the other one. Does this mean they will always be this way, or once they are older will calm down a bit and could turn out to be more cuddly?


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I have two two year old lap cats. I met them and their mother as they were being weaned. Their mother was a very friendly, very skinny stray, and they didn't like people at all. It took about 3 months of living in our apartment for one of these cats to even let us touch her. I couldn't pet the other for almost a year.

Just a few months ago the standoffish cat suddenly turned into an insistent lap cat.

It is my strong position that you simply can't predict if a cat will be a lap cat or not.
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Good luck! My kitty, Broomhilda, is a lap cat only if I'm in a specific room. Go figure.
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I've not had success predicting cat personalities. That's part of their mystic and draw. However, I have read that individual cat personalities cannot be changed. You have to work with who your particular kitty is in its own uniqueness. Good luck!

Ann Demi
"Solutions to Cat Behavior Problems"
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Originally Posted by Enuja View Post
It is my strong position that you simply can't predict if a cat will be a lap cat or not.
Not only that but you don't know WHEN they will become a lap cat. Scarlett decided my lap was great about the time she hit 4 years old. Pinky is just warming up to me of late and he's nearly 6.
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This is what I wanted to hear. I can be patient, but just wanted to hear there is hope of them becoming affectionate. They are so precious I want to hold and cuddle them but it is ever so brief. Glad to know things could turn around.

Thanks for all the encouraging words!!!!

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Just read Amy's post. It took 4 and 6 years for them to become lap cats??? WOW that is a long time. So there is hope!!!

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I am working on this same issue. My kitten is almost 5 months old (we've had him one month). I call him the 5 minute lap cat. He will sit on me once, maybe twice per day -- but only for a few minutes. He will never fall asleep on me like his sister (my brother's cat) will. I have a 4 and 6 daughters and I think my kitten just feels to vulnerable to be on my lap when they are around. This morning we let him in our room and he eventually settled on me. A few minutes later my kids came in and that was it for him. -- he jumped off. He will sometimes climb onto my lap while I am using the computer after the kids go to bed.

Anyhow, what I have learned: picking him and putting him on my lap almost never works! I have had some success by putting a treat (whisker lickins salmon treats) on me -- he will definately climb up to eat them but doesn't always stay. Another thing I have had some luck with is to sit or lay very still and ignore him -- when it is safe enough for him, he will venture onto my lap.

I still wish he'd sit on my more often. It breaks my heart when I am sitting there waiting for him to come and he lays on the coffee table 2 feet away from me instead. Good luck -- I'd love to hear anymore ways to encourage a potential lap cat.
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Meow Meow:

Thank you for your telling me of your situation. Do you mind me asking how much your 5 month old weighs. I cannot find anything to tell me how much mine shoud weigh, but am sure it is more than 2 pounds.

I think I am just over anxious about it. After all I have had them only 1 week so maybe I am expecting too much too soon. I just feel sorry for them because of their situation. If you have read my posts you will know they were abandonded by the mother, then carried by children until dehydrated, taken in by a neighbor and given moisened food, but no milk or milk replacement that I am aware of.

When I received them I was told they were like 8 weeks old and because of their size I believed it, but the vet says more like 12 weeks. So I think 2 pounds is really small for that age.

If I didn't mention there were 2 kittens, sisters and I have them both. I do have a child but she is 13 so not a small one. This is the reason we got the kittens. She has had cats and dogs, but never a kitten and I wanted her to have the opportunity to watch a kitten grow. Now it is not turning out as planned as they are a bit aloof.

Technically I have one and she has one. It is odd though, hers only meows to her and mine only to me. Mine wakes me up to be fed, but hers stays in bed and sleeps until she wakes up. They act like they know who belongs to who.

I am a medical transcriptionist and home most of the time. Mine will sleep on a rug two feet from me and will follow me and sleep on the foot of my bed but not touching me.

This morning though she was sitting about 2 feet away and pounced into my lap. Which I could not believe. I held her while she slept this morning and she tried to nurse on my gown, but I got to hold her for like 15 minutes which is unheard of. I do think we are making progress today and am thrilled.

Thank you for your story!!!!

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My kitten is about 5 months old and weighed 4lbs when I had him neutered a couple of weeks ago. I do think that male cats tend to weigh more then female though.

I know how you feel as far your kitten's affection goes. I had a cat for 19 years growing up and he was the ultimate loving lap cat -- when my cat chooses the coffee table over me it is just devastates and frustrates me. My four year old daughter goes to bed early now so I just want something to cuddle after she goes to bed (DH is not too cuddly!).

Anyhow, I have a couple more suggestions. Treat the kitties with nothing but kindness (they need to learn that all good things come from you). If they like to be petted, pet them a lot whether they are on your lap or not. Give them treats if they make any attempt to come to you. You could try placing them gently on your lap but never restrain them if they want to leave.

Today when my kitten was getting sleepy on the end table, I gently moved him onto my lap and he stayed or about 5 minutes. I have been at the computer for about an hour and he has been on and off my lap about 3 times (short stays but it's a start!). Funny how he will sit on me at the computer (where my back can barely take it) but I can lay on the couch all evening and he won't even try it.

I think it is all about building trust. We have had him about 4 weeks and he is still, I think learning to trust me.
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Glad to see you are making progress. We are too I think. I never restrain them but can't help but pick them up. They do communicate with me at talk to me and want to be close but on their terms. I am not giving up. I had intended to get only one, but these did not want to be separated so I have 2 instead of one. I do think that one tends to depend on humans more than 2 would as they have each other, but time will tell.

If one is in one room and the other in the other at times they will begin to cry for each other. Then they fight and roll until they cry. I guess it is just a dominance thing. They are precious to watch, but I do want them to become affectionate.

Sorry you have the same plight, but glad someone understands.

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Originally Posted by Mickee View Post
I had intended to get only one, but these did not want to be separated so I have 2 instead of one. I do think that one tends to depend on humans more than 2 would as they have each other, but time will tell.
I totally agree with you. My husband said I could my kitten's remaining littermate (a female) and I said no thanks -- selfishly, I want him to bond to me, not her!
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This evening while I was reading your post, I could hear my Bluebelle crying and she was looking at me. I just asked her what was wrong and she jumped into my lap and stayed there for like 10 minutes wanting scratches behind the ears. She is really coming around and have faith yours will too.

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