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matting hair

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Thanks for the advice about the combs. I got home last night and spent 1.5 hours on my blue persian teasing the knots then cutting them carefully when I couldnt break them down. The matts are so tight and start right at the skin so it is difficult to cut too close to the skin. It is the middle of winter here, but I like the idea of getting them a lion clip, letting their hair start again fresh with no knots. I guess I should wait until the spring before I get this done. Should I get this done at a vet or an animal grooming salon? 2 people struggle holding my blue persian when grooming her, she howls and bites and would hate her to bite a groomer. What can anyone suggest?

Thank you

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I have Sampson shaved at the groomer's and they tell me he is no trouble when being shaved. It kind of suprised me because he's such a brat when he's being combed. It's hard to say how your cat will react if she's never been around clippers before but you can always check with a local groomer and see what they have to say. Most good groomers are well experienced in dealing with difficult animals.

BTW if you have any pictures of your Persian baby feel free to post them. We always love to see pics.
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