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Since the others have their own threads, Bumps wanted his own also and posed for a bit yesterday

Another tongue kitty

Sleeping in the sunset

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Great pictures. I love his expression in the third picture.
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I love the one with his cute little tongue hanging out
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The last picture is just beautiful!
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a very handsome boy he is!
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Awww, what a cutie pie! I love the laying in the sunset picture, it really captures his beauty.
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That tongue picture is utterly adorable!
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I like the one of sweet Bumper sleeping in the sun
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More Bumps in the sun

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Since he will not let me take any decent photos, some older ones:

Long Legs

His gorgeous little kissable nose
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All of your kitties are just beautiful !!!! I could kiss that pink nose of his !!!! Bumper looks like a sweet calm kitty !! He's precious ....
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What an adorable boy! I like the one with his little tongue hanging out.
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What a handsome little boy!
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more... he likes the camera today

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Awww theres Bumper You really have some very beautiful kitties ..... I love them all ....
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Bumper is such a handsome fellow. I love his face.
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Some B&W's

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Awwwwwwwwww, sweet Bumps! He really is a lovely boy! And such lovely pics, too, Mum.
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Bumper is sooo sweet! I love that little face
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Oh he's so handsome!
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I like the way he is staring into the camera in the last one
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Icklemiss21, you take AWESOME photos!!!! You must have a really great camera or something..... Mine doesn't do close-ups as well as yours does. And Bumps is so cute, I can't pick just 1 picture that I love....but I have to say the sunlight ones are very beautiful.
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A combination of a good camera and some photography lessons a few years back when I was at school - he helps that mine pose for photos though.

Mine is fine for close ups if I have it on macro setting which means it focuses on whatever I do and blurs alot and makes it look more of a close up that it is (that and a good zoom lens)
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Great pictures!

Bumper is such a handsome young man! I'm glad he gave you some pretty poses too!
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Awwww Bumper how precious are you!!
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And some new ones

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Oh I want to kiss that sweet pink nose You take awesome pics
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I Love that second one My cats Love those little cubes to
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There's the handsome fella again! I love the last shot!
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He's so handsome!!
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