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Perfect Toy

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well i cant complain about Kricket and not playing with toys. Everything i end up buying her she plays with in some shape or form unlike Roxy. I have toys from Roxy still laying around waiting to be played with. Well when i first got Kricket my boyfriend picked out the Cats With An Attitude Teaser Wand and Kricket goes BONKERS for that, she even drags it around the house with her like its her top prize. Well i went shopping yesterday and spent a LOT more than what i wanted but i think i have found Krickets newest favorite toy that is fun for me too....Bamboo Catfisher Rod & Reel. She will play for hours with this toy, chasing it up and down the hallway. I folded it up and put it on the coffee table, she jumped up grabbed the toy and tried to run with it. When it wouldnt move she sat on the ground meowing at the toy saying "I STILL WANT TO PLAY" From all her playing she is PASSED out on the couch right next to her new toy. Try this toy out its great fun!!!
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i will have to try that one. The only thing heyu seems to like is the laser,
she has one toy bird that she carries around, but she does not play with it.
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