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Marigold's Kittens - Three weeks old!

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The babies are all three weeks old now and are actually beginning to look like kittens! Boy do they grow fast! They are all walking, or at least toddling, around and have graduated from the nesitng box to a big old dog crate that they can tumble around in without falling out.

Much to my embarassment, I found that I have sexed two of the kittens wrong. Not entirely error on my part since I first sexed them when they were first born when it's a bit more difficult. Both Kyo and Macavity are girls, not boys; which makes the count even. There are three girls (Kyo, Serenity, and Macavity) and three boys (Firefly, Jabberwocky, and Jack Sparrow). We're not changing names ourselves because it would just be confusing for us. This is, actually, a good developemnt since several of the potential adopters have expressed interest in a girl kitten. When I only had Serenity has a girl, it concerned me that she was going to get adopted and her brothers would not.

Photographing them is getting difficult! They don't want to sit still! So, my apologies if the pics are blurry.

Kyo (which can still be a girl's name since it's short for Kyoko) is taking his turn in being cuddly. She's always snuggling with her mum and seems to be most accepting of being picked up and pet now. Judging by her fur now, she's going to be a long haired red tabby like her mum.

Firefly is still the biggest and his hair is getitng that silky texture (like Serenity's) so we're thinking he's going to be a solid cream with medium-long hair. He's very attached to Serenity and is nearly always snuggling up with her and making sure the rest of the kittens back off from playing if they get too rouch with her. He will happily rough-house with any of them though.

Serenity is less playful than the rest, but she will engage in some rough and tumble, though she'll be the first to call it quits and hide behind Firefly. She seems a little shyer than the rest, but she likes to be picked up and cuddled. Like Firefly, it looks like she's going to be a solid cream color and have semi-long hair.

Jabberwocky, thus far, has short hair compared to the others and is the only one with white pathes. His face, belly and front paws are white for the most parts and the rest of him is cream. He's the talker of the bunch still and will still mew at you after you pick him up. (Good thing we named him Jabber!) He plays mostly with Jack, though they will fight like little spitfires when it's mealtime. Ah... brotherhood.

Jack Sparrow is very much the adventurer. He's already climbed out of the new nest several times and gone exploring under the bed. Marigold has started carting each of the kittens up onto my bed during the day so she can stretch out and nurse them, but jack always insists on sliding off the bed and getitng to the floor so he can sniff around my library books and shoes. (He fell asleep curled up in my slipper yesterday!) Though he plays with all of his brothers and sisters, he seems to be more of a loner than the others. But he loves people. He and Jabberwocky both will leave mum to investigate a new person.

Macavity is still the Mystery Cat, even if she is a girl. She always the "missing" one since she likes to burrow under her mom and siblings to sleep. She's now the smallest of the babies, even though she eats like a champ. We've also noticed she has a kink at the very end of her little tail! Well, now at least we can easily tell her apart from Kyo easily!

Marigold is doing well. She had a swollen lip earlier this week from hormones. (Cats get acne too... oddly enough it's usually on their lips and chin.) I took the precaution of replaced her plastic bowls with ceramic ones in case she's allergic to the plastic. She has decided she doesn't like the Iams kitten food I bought and prefers Purina Kitten Chow at present. Not the best food, I know, but I don't want her to go on a hunger strike while she has kittens to nurse. She turned her nose up at Authority wet kitten food too and would only eat Fancy Feast. Snob. I have been mixing kitten milk with her wet food and she seems to like that. (It gives her extra calcium and protein for making milk.) I also got some kitten milk and weaning formula for the kittens since their teeth are starting to come in.

He also solved her panting dilemna. It was heat related and easily solved by stroking her down with a cool, damp towel. Thank god I had a friend who's a vet tech!

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Rose, they are all so darling! Do you have a pic of the mom you could post for us?
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What beautiful little kittens. I'd like to see the mom, too.
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I also have to wonder what the daddy looks like. I just love ginger kitties!
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ahhh what beauties they are!!!
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Marigold has done an excellent job as a mommy. The kits look absolutely great and are coming along fine now! They are cute as a button. I guess I'd better get these two week pics out before THEY are three weeks lol
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What absolutely beautiful kitties they are!!! Beautiful eyes and coats!
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I can understand the confusion - when you have an entire litter of red and cream tabbys then they can be either/or

My rex had one kitten - an all white. When born, it looked to me like a male. Since I had no other kittens for comparison it was difficult. Turned out to be a female (we were gonna keep it if it was a boy) when I took "him" in to get first shots - vet informed me it was a female.

Talk about being embarrased But seriously, that female really looked like a boy!
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awww what gorgeous babys im a sucker for the reds myself hehe
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They are so cute! well done mummy cat
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OMG!!!! they are sooo cute I just wanna give all of them a big
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I keep coming back to look at the little darlings, trying to decide which is the cutest. I would love to nibble on their tiny ears and toes.
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