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Is it just me?

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Or does the Quick Reply no longer work? I tried clicking what I thought was a quick reply icon, but nothing worked. The only way I can reply now, is the slow way.
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cant do the quick reply either i dont think its working
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Nope, me too, someone else mentioned it in the upgrade thread in the lounge
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It wasn't working for me, but I did get it to work by clearing my browser caches, and by changing the forum style I use to the default. I noticed in Anne's message she mentioned that the default style had completed the upgrade.
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Not just you, Hope. I just tried it, even replaced the text in the quick reply box, thinking that perhaps one only need to do that to use the box, but no -- it still told me to click a quick reply icon, which I had done and did again, to no avail.

And I see it's been noted in the upgrade thread.
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Aha! It does work in the TCS default style.
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Changing to the default style does help!
Hopefully I can change it back soon, I like the June contest colours Although, it makes me realise that not everyone uses the same colours as me and some colours I thought didn't work for sigs might work with other forum skins
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I use the June one as well, and have thought the same thing before about sigs!
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changed babck to default and its working now
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Same here. I am now using the default skin.
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All skins should work now according to the other thread
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