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A question about bowls

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We've decided to switch the boys from plastic to ceramic food bowls. My main question is about the water bowl. How many of you out there have a ceramic water bowl for your babies? For the time being it's still plastic, so I'd just like some feed back on what type of water bowls you all have.
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We have two fresh flow fountains, as well as ceramic water bowls
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I have one ceramic bowl for water (quite deep) and one stainless steel. Mosi seems to prefer to drink out of the ceramic one and I never see Jaffa drinking at all. I've had the ceramic one a few years and both my cats - that I had then - would drink out of it when I got it.

(I never see Jaffa drink these days but I'm not sure when he stopped and I don't think it has anything to do with the bowl. He gets wet food with added water twice a day to compensate, btw)
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i use cermaic food and water dishes for mine, the oils in the plastic can leech into the water which is not only unhealthy but also tastes yucky
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Oliver drinks out of wherever he pleases, haha, no matter how many dishes I offer especially for him! But he does have 3 (currently) plastic bowls designated for his water.... one Le Bistro water coolerish type thing (they're apparently treated to cut down on bacteria, haven't had a problem), one plastic "Nittany Kitty" bowl (yup, he's my very own mini Penn State Nittany Lion, so he's gotta have the bowl) and at my apartment the third bowl is just a plastic one from the dollar store and at my parents' it's a plastic cereal bowl.... the two smaller bowls get washed with soap regularly (especially since the dog's taken to cleaning them out often lately... yar! she's got her own trough to drink out of!).... anyway, depends on your cat's personal preference and skin sensitivity (some cats develop feline acne due to certain bowl materials... plastic's usually the worst though).... if you're worried whether they'll take to a nice ceramic bowl, maybe try a cheapo from the dollar store first before spending money on a really good bowl
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10 View Post
.... if you're worried whether they'll take to a nice ceramic bowl, maybe try a cheapo from the dollar store first before spending money on a really good bowl

why spend money on a really "good" bowl? i bought one from the dollar and its great! even looks cute!
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All our bowls are ceramic or glass and they are all from yard sales. You can get some great little dessert dishes at yard sales, and they are perfect cat food dishes. Otherwise we get kitty acne and we are too handsome for that.
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I have 2 stainless steel bowls, 1 ceramic and 4 regular drinking glasses (glass), mine use the drinking glasses, but it has to be on top of a table.
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I use ceramic, especially for the water. Plastic outgasses and flavors the water after a period of time.
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we use the plastic ones for food cause they are easy to wash and light weight, also Phoebe won't stick to it with her magnetic collar. both my cats have their own special wooden cat box with a magnetic or infra red cat door to get in. Phoebe has allergies to everything and Trouble eats all of Phoebe's expensive prescription diet! so no metal bowls for Pheebs. then i have both of their water bowls out in the open in the kitchen for them. both of those bowls are ceramic and i think ceramic is great because it keeps the water at a cooler temp in the warmer seasons.
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Originally Posted by jaycee View Post
i use cermaic food and water dishes for mine, the oils in the plastic can leech into the water which is not only unhealthy but also tastes yucky
Yikes. I change their water out everyday, but I think I'm gonna change to ceramic anyway! Poor kitties!
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My boys have 2 ceramic bowls for their food and water, and one stainless steel one for Davidson's food.
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10 View Post
if you're worried whether they'll take to a nice ceramic bowl, maybe try a cheapo from the dollar store first before spending money on a really good bowl
I just buy the cheap ones (usually good, sturdy ones on clearance, though).
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Vodka has a ceramic water dish that looks like a flower...its really cute. THe main reason I got it, though, was because it is heavier, and for some reason, she liked to flip the plastic bowl over and spill her water everywhere.

But lately, she has taken to jumping in the shower after I get out and licking the water out of the tub. Weird.
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We have a bit of everything in our house. One plastic food dish (free from the vet), one ceramic food dish , one stainless water dish (both from the dollar store) and various glass and plastic cups throughout the apartment.
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actually I use real glasses for water ...

food is glass ceramic and stainless...
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Stainless steel here.
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I recently transitioned to stainless steel bowls. After reading about a TCS kitty who had acne so bad that she needed surgery, I switched. No more plastic for me. I do miss my automatic feeder, but like I said it isn't worth the health risk!
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Two ceramic food bowls and some glass ones for water.
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I am feeding three cats three times a day and getting tired of washing their metal and ceramic bowls (ceramic for water until I get the CatIT fountain I want for them)

The fosters drink from ceramic bowls--I got them all at the dollar store and they are pretty nice, for a buck apiece.

Tonight I tried my first round of something I dreamed up last night. I put their food out on little cheapo paper plates. I have to put the plates on a placemat on the floor though so they don't roam around while eating from them.

This will be making my life a little easier, I think.
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We have a Drinkwell and numerous stainless steel dog bowls scattered around the house!
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We have a variety of ceramic, plastic and metal bowls that we've collected over the years. I like to use the heavy ceramic dishes for water, as they don't tip over, and stainless steel for food. The plastic dishes don't get used often anymore. They're just "extras" for times when nothing else is clean.
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I have ceramic/china bowls for water, plus a Petmate Fresh Flow. Jamie likes the French onion soup bowls, because they're wide and flat. I use glass salad/dessert dishes for canned food, and ceramic or stainless for dry. Everything goes in the dishwasher.
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Ceramic and stainless food and water bowels,
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My cat, when ı first bought her plastic bowls, wouldnt eat out of it but only use it for drinking. But before ı used them ı had washed them both thoroughly with washing up liquid (which was a big mistake!)
I was using only dry food at the time, so I smeared the dry food in it as much as ı could (to cover up the smell of plastic or the washing up liquid) but she just absolutely refused to eat ANYTHING out of it! I put some food in a glass dessert dish which we used and she practically ate the dish itself!!!

Later ı got some wet food ,offered it to her in the glass dish and she gobbled it down as usual but she feels this unique passion for wet food, so ı put some in the plastic bowl (without smearing it) and she FINALLY ate out of it!

A ) dont wash your plastic bowls with strong washing up liquid 'cause they hate the smell thats left over (the wet food was very stinky so it managed to cover up the chemical smell)

B) Plastic bowls DO have a plasticky strong smell which, if it effects us, just think how much it can effect the cat whose sence of smell is much more superior than ours! İmagine eating out of the washing up liquids tube!

And C) Plastic bowls/containers DO have a substance that is harmful to humans (thus it may well be harmful to cats as well. In the recent years ıts been proved that milk,fruit juices and any other drink or food that is sealed in plastic gives out harmful chemicals to humans who consume out of them. Therefore, carton, glass and tin containers are healthier subsitutes. It isnt (atleast where I live) recommended to use plastic for food consumption.
In the cats case, its equally the same. Although,im STILL using 2 plastic bowls, only to have them changed for 2 stainless steel ones. I cant afford to give my cat acne because of cheap plastics! Oh and by the way, if you keep your dry foods in a container , make sure its made of glass or tin, NOT plastıc. It will be as fresh as the first day maybe (the new technology vacuum containers are very good) but due to the nature of the dry food (greasy with high protein) it might change its smell and and the chemicals in the plastic might effect the foods quality. I use glass with a special vacuum seal for my dry foods. I dont like keeping them in their orijinal packages because they expire more quickly but I do KEEP the empty package for references.......TAKE CARE
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sahara, that a really good point i had never thought of before. we currently use a rubbermaid container for the kitties food. Does anyone know where to find some cheap non-plastic food storage containers?
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I use both food and water ceramic bowls - its a matched set. IMO if you don't feed out of plastic, why drink out of plastic?

I do need to find some stainless steel ones for the dog as her dishes are plastic only cause that's how the food stand came (with the plastic) and I haven't found the right size to replace them.
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I have a fountain for Loki since water bowls of any other sort are considered toys and knocked over !!
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