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Kitten with Cerebellar Hypoplasia

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Just wondering if anyone out there has a kitten or an adult diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

I am fostering a kitten approximately 6-weeks in age (I've had him since he was 3-weeks) that was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Ari was brought in emaciated, covered with fleas and shaking like a leaf. Weeks later, he has put on weight, is able to use a litter pan and can eat & drink on his own. He truly is a sweetheart of a kitten...just loves to lay on my chest and gently paws at me

I have found a few web sites with some helpful information but would love to hear from those who deal with a "special needs" kitten/cat on a daily basis.

The biggest problem Ari seems to be having is that he falls down quite a lot in his litter pan which causes quite the mess. The poor little guy is dunked in my sink on a daily basis to keep him clean from his own mess.

Again, any experiences shared would be helpful.
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Hi leesali! I have a wonderful 10 month old kitten with CH. She walks funny, has a bobbing head and tips over quite a bit. She doesn't have any trouble using the litter box though. If you scroll to the bottom of this link, you can join a forum for people with CH kitties. There are many people there who may be able to offer advice. Good luck! http://www.chkittyclub.com/pages/home.html
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My MIL has an adult CH kitty who has managed to gain himself the alpha position in her house (no small feat considering there are some 20 cats in residence and fosters at any given time).

He's a bit wobbly, but doesn't really have any problems unless he gets startled.
He runs, plays, climbs and jumps, he's even become the official baby sitter when she has foster kittens.
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Hi Leesali! I too have a kitty, Teddi, who has CH. This fall we will be celebrating her 15th birthday. My kitty has a severe case, as a matter of fact my vet recently told me she was the worst she had ever seen. She's a tiny girl weighing 6lbs. and eats like a horse. She can't run or jump but she can get anywhere on the ground she wants to go or she can climb on upholstered furniture. She has never been able to use a litter box but she goes to the bathroom in the same place everyday of her life and I keep a pee-pee pad in that spot for her. The only problem she has is about three years ago she started having seizures. I firmly believe that it's from all the knocks she has taken to her head. I have tried everything through the years to keep her confined in a safe place so she wouldn't hurt herself and she just won't have it. She has managed to get out of every type of enclosure I have made for her. She is a very stubborn kitty and is determined to have her way so I pretty much gave up. I even moved out of my apartment years ago because I couldn't keep her from climbing up the stairs. I was terrified she would break her neck. Everything I would try to block the stairs with she would knock down or climb over. She is the sweetest, most loving kitty and we are blessed to have her. I would never hesitate to take in another kitty with CH. Good luck with yours and i hope she brings you years of joy as our Teddi has.
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Thank-you for replying...very encouraging to read your stories about your CH kittens/cats.

I brought Ari to the vet. today because I noticed some bleeding near his lower gum area. Our vet. seems to think Ari probably fell down and hit his gum into his canines causing a small cut.

After Ari was initially diagnosed, I did do some reading about CH kittens/cats and found that raising his water & food bowls helped him drink & eat better...the wobbling & pecking wasn't so pronounced with the bowls elevated to him. My fosters have free reign in the "kitten" room (was a bedroom many moons ago) but at night they get tucked-in to their cages (food, water, litterpan, toys, bedding). I noticed Ari would bang into the sides of his cage so I had to line the sides of his cages with crib bumpers so the poor little guy wouldn't hurt his head.

I believe Ari is a very happy little kitten. He plays with the other kittens as best as he can...mostly laying down. It is rather interesting to see them interact...my resident crew, mostly 1-year & up, are very gentle with Ari...amazing how they seem to just know there is something different about him and they don't play rough with him He hasn't jumped yet and may never but he does try to run...rather scary to watch at first...almost like he wants to go right but his little body goes left.

Fortunately or not, Ari will probably have to be adopted from my home rather than go to the adoption center.

I know this is not "fur pictures" but I can't resist...he is a real sweety:

Also, he is listed on Pet Finders: http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=6740231

Watching Ari sometimes brings tears to my eyes...not out of pity but rather out of admiration. These little babies born with these special needs have such heart and determination...their spirit is really to be admired!!
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