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Cat Peeing on the Carpet Again

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I have 2 cats who are approx 6 years old. I had them by myself for 4 years until I moved in with my wife and her 2 year old son. In the 4 years the cat who is peeing never once went outside the box. About 4 months into the new environment he began going on the dining room and basement floors. I had checked at the vet several times and no health issues. The vet the new environment with all the activity could have caused him aniexty. We recently moved into a new house and my stepson was away with grandparents for a few weeks. The cat in question used the litterbox everyday and never the carpet. Once my stepson came home we began to see pee and poop in the dining room. Is it possible that his presence triggers a negative behavior in the cat?
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It's certainly possible. How does your cat seem to feel about your stepson? Does kitty interact with your stepson, or does kitty seem nervous around him or run away? After living with just you, your cat might not be used to the noise and enthusiasm of a toddler. Does your cat have a safe, quiet place he can go to get away from your stepson? Maybe a safe room for him, if you can spare the space, would help. Also, consider a Feliway plug to help soothe him.
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Have you ever observed your stepson doing anything when the cat is in the box? Like, trying to pet him or something?

A friend of mine with five cats had a problem where one of the cats was chasing everyone else out of the box. Luckily, it was the biggest cat. So, they cut a hole in a closet door just big enough for all the cats except the bully, and put two litterboxes in the closet, in addition to the other boxes in the house, so the bully couldn't disturb the others when they went.

Perhaps you could find somewhere in the house to do something similar? Somewhere the kitty can get to but not your toddler?
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My stepson does interact with the cat. The cat most of the time tends to run away. Does the Feliway really work? Any suggestions on getting rid of the urine in the carpet? I know once they go in a spot they will tend to go back.
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