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How many cats do you own? Four.
How many are pure bred? None.
How many are mixed breed? All (I'm pretty sure anyways..).
What type of cat food do you feed them? Why? Multiple choice- dry, canned, semi moist, combination (please specify) Dry (Friskies and Meow Mix.. Purina kitten chow for Clover) and pouched (Iams and Whiskas). Dry is out all the time, pouched is fed in the morning and evening.
What brand(s) of canned food do you buy? Iams and Whiskas pouched food.
How many cans do you buy per week? Usually one full box that the pouch meals come in.. sometimes only a few pouches at a time.
How important are the following in selecting a brand of cat food?- taste, nutrition, price, coupon, flavors variety/selection, looks like human food We usually buy a certain brand, see how well they like it, and then go from there. We don't do the really expensive brands.
What is the most important reason for buying this brand? Them liking it.. if they don't eat it, we try a different brand.
Where do you purchase the cat food? Supermarket? Specialty store? Other (please specify) Supermarket or pet store (PetSmart).
How do cat owners know what brand their cats like? We give them a certain brand, and if they like it, we keep feeding, and if not, we try something new.
Do you refer yourself as your cat(s)' parents? Yes.
Do you greet your cats when arriving home? Yes.
Your age, gender, marital status? 17, female, "in a relationship"