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The Mystery of the Toilet Paper Fiasco

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It's a mystery to me who did this...

I think Zissou is stressed out because I'm packing.

Mind you, she does this anytime I leave the tp down. So I keep it on the towel rack... the top one, so this was honestly FIVE FEET UP. She had to jump that high and grab it, knock it down, and then destroy most of a brand new roll.

I laughed sooooo hard when I found this. She ran into the bathroom ahead of me and layed down like this, as if to announce what she did and prevent me from cleaning it up.
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That is so cute. I love when my cats play with the tolit paper. and WOW what a gorgeous cat !!!
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Zissou, you naughy girl! *smile*
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This is just so cute! Busy, busy girl!
I guess she just needed another soft bed.
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Well, of course she had to go lay on it...she wanted to pose with her prize. It's kind of like a fisherman who has his picture taken with the fish he caught!
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O M G ! ! what a photo, just look at her face, as if to say

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heh hmm leave him down a roll of papertowels and see if he likes those also
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Zissou was just trying to protect you from the toilet paper monster.
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Zissou looks too innocent to have done it!! Are you sure you've solved the Toilet Paper Caper?

What a cutie-pie!!
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Job well done.
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What an adorable picture! Marlee likes to come in the bathroom with me while I take showers, and every once in a while I'll hear her messing with something, but when open the curtains she will be sitting across the room from the rolled out toilet paper looking like she has no idea what happened!
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Psst! That's not Zissou. It's a gnome in a cat suit.
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Oh my goodness!!
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Sometimes you just gotta smile. What an industrious kitty.
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Hmm... perhaps I haven't solved it. It happened again this morning!
Oh, no! I hope I don't have a gnome in a cat suit. If so, where's Zissou?!?

The way she looks when she's doing this, all crazy-eyed, mouth open, you'd almost think she is fighting some kind of demon-spawn toilet paper monster.

And yes, she does this with paper towels, napkins, that paper stuff they put in shoes to keep their shape (at the moment this picture was taken, the living room floor, also, was strewn with bits of brown paper from a new pair of shoes).

She's now napping on her windowsill, I guess exhausted from her adventures in Toilet-paper Monster Land, else fighting gnomes in the land of Nod.

I agree, she is adorable... but I might be biased!
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How cute

No mama, it wasn't me, the gnomes did it, honest!
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post

Your Zissou reminds me of my Tino.

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Pami, we should start a club!

Abbysmom's Abby looks considerably like Zissou as well (or rather, Zissou looks like Abby).

Tino and Zissou have identical "necklaces" too, you just can't see it in this pic.

I think there are a few more, but I'm not sure I remember who they were.
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I'll have to look for Abby. I think Zissou and Tino, although very similiar in their coat have extremely similar looking eyes. Shes beautiful. Ive seen her in your siggy before but this is the first time, Ive seen her "fully". What a beauty !!!
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Our Queen Mum Rogue loves to sneak in the kitchen cabinet and make a nest out of the table napkins. She will also unroll an entire roll of paper towels onto the counter and snooze there.
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That picture is hilarious! I love cats...
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Silly Zissou!
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I am so glad that my Chester has yet to learn the fun of toilet paper destruction!

He does like to poke around in the junk mail bin but so far hasn’t shredded anything. Mostly he just bats it around.
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