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Well at least she is around. Perhaps treating her like a feral to get her would work???
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I haven't seen her since...I have tried everything to lure her back
but nothing seems to work
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My 9 year old Daughter prayed for Patches to come home
for Christmas...It broke my heart
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I continue to send the come home }}}VIBES{{{ stronger than ever!
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Thank you Sar...I appreciated it
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Chelle, maybe we could start a new post asking for {{{come home prayers and vibes}}}} for Patches. During the holiday season, when spirits are high, and hearts are warmed, it seems more possible than ever that you will be able to get the miracle that you desire.
I lost a cat, Felix, several years ago; after almost a year, he showed up on our property but ran from me. I think that it was because my other cat Sal had beaten Felix up pretty badly. Somehow, the cats get the wrong association with us - sorta like misplaced aggression. Or maybe Patches has experienced some sort of trauma, perhaps while hearing you call for her (when she was outside lost), and now fears that the trauma will come back again. Maybe your neighbors could try coaxing her back, and then you could trap her or somehow contain her, and put her in a room in your house and retame her, as if she were a feral.
I am sure that there are lots of great minds here that will have excellent suggestions, but this thread is so long, it may put people off, thinking that they have to read the whole thing.
As for me, I rejoice that Patches is alive and nearby and hope yet remains that your daughter's Christmas prayers will be answered. Please tell her that I will burn a candle in my office today, to remind me to continually add my prayers to hers. Susan
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Honey, the good news, is that Patches is ALIVE!!! What a little trooper!

Do NOT lose hope!!! I certainly won't for both of you!!! Don't give up. Chances are, when she ran away from you, she was confused, and has become a bit timid. If you can lure her back to you, there will probably be an adjustment period for her back into your home...but that's okay! She'll love you just as much as she ever did with time!

You definitely need to start setting some humane traps for her. SMEAR stinky food all over the place in them, and place them in areas that are well hidden, and covered. You may end up trapping other neighborhood cats in the process, but really, that isn't a bad thing. You can do this. Call your local shelter, and see if you can't rent 2 or 3 traps.

I'm sending lots of can do this!!!!!!! Good luck, and please let us know WHEN YOU GET HER BACK, because she's not far from you ever, I guarantee! It isn't like a cat to go too far from home base...they're just good at hiding their whereabouts.
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I wonder why Patches isn't going home...I mean, if he is alive its weird that he isn't going home. Someone must be feeding him or something.

Sending many vibes for a Christmas miracle that he will finally come home.
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ok, have you tried a humane trap yet? A lot of people on here have suggested it. Cats are not like dogs. They are not going to come right up to the door, meow and you will let him in. They are scared. They will run, even if they know you. Get a trap if you really want your cat back this badly.
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We tried everything with no luck
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My kids new years resolution is to find Patches but the more
time passes the more i think that she's not coming home
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What if you had 2 traps - with Alley in one, and some food in another - maybe it would lure seems like she is into communicating with other cats rather than people right now.

Have you tried Kentucky Fried Chicken? It's said to be foolproof for catching cats...
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We brought Alley outside with us but nothing worked We have tried
everything..I guess i need to accept that she's not coming back.
No one has seen her in months
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((hugs)) Chelle - I wish I knew the right thing to say right now
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Thanks Huggles...It's been so hard these past 5 months
without her
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Originally Posted by chelle View Post
Thanks Huggles...It's been so hard these past 5 months
without her
Oh dear... sending many prayers your way
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Thank's been hard
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My thoughts and prayers go out to you Chelle for Patches safe return.
Our little Milo has gone missing as well this morning. I let them both out in the garden its about the sixth time I have done this, just to get them used to it. I did not feed them, two hours later Amber was at the door but no Milo.

I am just hoping he is staking out the land and hoping he will return. Amber too is going mad because he isnt around.
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