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Cat having Kittens

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Hi Everyone, I am new here. But I was wondering a few things. lol. My cat is supposed to have her kittens in 6 days, and I was hoping someone can give me some signs that its "coming up" so I can be home. I have to go to my brothers Wedding the day before their supposed to come, and Im not sure what to do. Please email me some answers if you can.
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Hi! The cat I had for 12 years had her litter of kittens earlier than she was supposed to but I noticed that she stopped eating a couple of days before she gave birth and she also began "nesting" or making her bed comfortable about the same time, a couple of days before hand. So if you notice that she hasn't touched her food or very little of it and she is beginning to "nest" her time is soon! Good luck with the kitties
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We have a stray calico cat on our farm who is about ready to have kittens(my kids named her Alaska). She's an outdoor cat so we aren't sure where she'll end up having them. My husband and I set up a box for her in the garage and she's been hanging around in the garage and near the house a lot lately, just not in the box. We just hope she doesn't have them in the tractor or in the spare tire of my husband's work truck. We'd move her in the house but she just showed up and we know she has worms. We are still debating as to what we should do with her. Our house cat, Trix, doesn't seem to like her much at all, and my husband doesnt' want anymore cats in the house. Is there anyway that I can keep her in the garage to have her kittens without locking her in. She needs to get out to go to the bathroom. We know she close because she's exhibiting all the signs.
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Thanks you guys. That does help. Tuppins "my cat". Is still so young. And im only 17 and my parents keep saying she will be fine. But its nerve recking. lol. I just want everything to go smooth with her. She hasnt seemed to find a nest place yet. But she spends all day on my bed. Should I be worried that she might choose that place? Should I try and fix other places for her? She has been acting kind of funny tonight, not wanting to sit down, and when she sits, she takes awhile. I hope she is still ok.
Well thanks again,
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Originally posted by Jakswift
And im only 17 and my parents keep saying she will be fine. But its nerve recking. lol. I just want everything to go smooth with her.
Hi Melissa,

You are a good cat mom despite your youth, my dear! Your concern and love for your girl shows through in your words.

Does Tuppins sleep with you normally? If so, you might want to try fixing up a box for her to use as her delivery nest and put something like a t-shirt you have slept in (and that you don't mind if it gets totally ruined) in the box with her. She might also be comforted by your presence when she begins the actual delivery. You mentioned that you will be attending your brother's wedding, but will someone be there at your home while you are gone? If not, maybe you could notify your vet that the delivery time is close and ask if one of the vet techs could come by and check on her while you are away. If you are home again before she delivers, the vet/vet tech can assist you in gathering some things you might want to have on hand as well as what to watch out for in terms of problems.

You will want the box to be big enough for her to move around some and to stretch out longwise, with a part of it covered at the top. Most mom-kitties like to think they are safe when delivering and caring for newborns - give her that security in a safe, low-traffic area where she can be confident that no "baddies" will jump out and harm her babes. Dim the lights as best as you can, put her litter and food/water nearby and then let her take it from there.

Just as a quick suggestion for later ... after Tuppins weans this litter, you might want to think about having her spayed unless she is part of a breeding program. She will be a much happier kitty in the long run.

Best of luck, and please let us know how you (and Tuppins! I ~love~ that name!) get along. I'll be looking forward to hearing all about the experience.


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Thanks Gaye,
I will try and do that. I dont mind giving one of my shirts to Tuppins. lol. Ive made a few diffrent bed things for her. But she dosent seem to like any of them. She keeps coming on my bed though. And she never used to as much. But at night she goes out a little or hangs out in the kitchen. And I hope that she realizes to come inside for the babies. I really want to be their for her when she does start to have them. When we go to the Wedding, my friend, who really wants a kitten is going to come over and I guess cat sit. lol. And we get to come home after the ceremony for a few minutes. "Since its 10 min away from our house". Oh Tup's is definitly getting spayed or nutered "not sure which it is right now". lol. Once she is done w/ this litter. lol. She was actually due to get it done, the day we found her with the other cat. lol.
Well I better go,
but Thanks again,
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Hi Again, Melissa,

It's good to hear that your friend will be coming by to sit with Tup. Just in case ...

You know, it might not be a bad idea to keep Tup inside until she delivers her litter. While I can understand that she may WANT to go out, and that you will WANT to let her, it just isn't the right time since she is so close to having her babies.

I've emailed you with some suggestions. Please keep in touch and let me know how things go.

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Thanks again Gaye,
Yes, that does help.
Last night Tuppins was on my bed half the night and then left. Im not sure where she went, but I think it was just inside the kitchen on the cold floor. She is supposed to have the kittens in 6 days, and still hasnt found 1 particular spot. I also heard that she will sort of stop eating a few days before she has them. So should that be a sign that I should really watch her and see if she is going to 1 place.
Thanks again,
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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if "in your experience" when your cats had kittens did they stop eating a few days before they had them? If so how long before they had them?
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It varies from Mommy to Mommy. All of ours, have eaten within an hour of giving birth, one of them even continued to eat in between contractions.. but you never know, it is one of the signs to look for.
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Man, I thought that it was going to be something to look for. lol. My cat is due on Sunday and I was hoping that since she was still eating, maybe it was a sign that she wouldnt have them until Sunday. "I have to go out tomorrowfrom 3 untill some time late at night". And I dont want to miss it. lol
Thanks again,
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Our stray momma cat had four teenie tiny kitties yesterday afternoon. Three gray ones and a calico one just like her. She started to have them in the window well in front of the house. We have a bunch of rose bushes there. I heard her meowing earlier in the day outside and thought she was just meowing to let me know she was there. Every time I have the windows open she sits outside and meows. I went out and checked on her about 4 pm and she had just given birth to her third little one. I got her box out of the garage and one of my old T-shirts (so I wouldn't touch her kittens with my hands and give them my smell) and moved her kitties and then moved her and put them in the garage. Shortly after getting situated she had her fourth. She's been content there ever since. She doesn't seem to like anyone else in the family near her but she starts purring and getting all lovey whenever she sees me. So I feel special. My mom and brother were amazed that the cat let me move her and her kittens. I'm glad she trusted me!!!!
Oh...Vikki, the litter pan trick worked like a charm....thanks.
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Congratulations to all the mothers and "grandmothers" to be

Some more info about cat pregnancy can be found here:

Please please don't skip this so important article:
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Hi everyone,
I just want to thank everyone who had a little piece of information for me on my cats pregnancy. lol. She had the kittens on Saturday night. "only 3". But they are so cute!! There is 1 gray and white, 1 black and white, and 1 all black. lol.
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Congratulations! I bet they are so cute! I can't wait for pictures!

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