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Can't do good things

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Alrighty, yesterday was an interesting day. My sister and I were heading into petsmart to pick up some stuff for her fish tank. As we were walking through the parkinglot we saw a woman and some kids with a tiny kitten in thier arms. My sister, Johanna, and I both told them the kitten was adorable. Immediatly they thrust the kitten at us and asked if we'd like to take it. They had found the poor girl on the side of the road and the first they thought of was Petsmart and so they were bringing her here.

Johanna and I were going to the vet after Petsmart, and the ASPCA after that, so we thought, "Why not." We can take her to the ASPCA. So the little kitten was covered in flees and was hungry. We bought her some KMR and attempted to feed her, but she would have none of it. Soon, it was time for my Tyran to go to the vet to get microchipped and so we brought the little kitten in as well. She was covered head to paw with ticks. She had so many, they were falling off her. Thankfully she was not anemic or dehydrated. The family did a good job of getting water into her system. They put kitten frontline on her and got most of the ticks off. They got her some baby food (turkey) and mixed it with kmr and got her to eat some. Tyran got her chip and we were off to the ASPCA.

Since the kitten was only about 4-5 weeks old, they asked Johanna and I if we could foster the kitten for about three weeks. In one week, she'd be old enough for her first set of vaccines, then we'd hold her for another two weeks, then surrender her to the ASPCA. We agreed since it was only for three weeks and we could share in the responsibility. Well when she told her mom and I told my mom and grandmother, our families were not happy. (Johanna and I are not blood sisters and are not sisters by marriage. We are close friends that might as well be sisters.)

Our families literally yelled at us and got so pissy. We were stunned. Our families love animals and we couldn't believe they would get so angry at us for trying to do something nice. Three weeks of having the kitten, and it would be us taking care of it, us buying the supplies, and us spending the time to go have her vaccinated and such. Our families wouldn't have to lift a finger, but still they get on our case saying they don't want any more animals, yadda yadda yadda. I'm trying to help a little kitten out, and we get in trouble instead. (I can tell you, that kitten couldn't have fallen into better hands. Johanna and I are the kind of people who would spend any amount we needed to, to help animals in need.)

Thankfully, my cousin's girlfriend's friend was looking for a kitten and so we took the little girl over to her house to let her have a look. When she agreed to take the kitten, we gave her instructions on how to feed her and such and she agreed to keep the appointment with the ASPCA. So the kitten has a home, and our parents have no reason to fuss anymore. But still, when they get like this, it makes me feel like I've done something bad, and I feel like I shouldn't help anymore. Can people just not do good things anymore?
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Yes, it seems somewhat strange.
Did they give any reasonable reasons?

I would guess they were afraid the homeless was contagious - to homecats or even to people.
Remedy? Vet check including shots and deworming, and own quarantene-room till you are sure the cat is healthy. Good hygiene, you washing hands and changing clothes in between.

Or they dont want you to build up a lot of cats, ex homeless...
Remedy? Here you had promise from the shelter they would take over the kitten...

Third is it is good to talk with the old folks before, so give their yes and they think they are involved. As now it become probably a prestige-thing - "you shall not bring your decisions on us - we are those in charge and deciding"! They probably didnt say so - but thought in their minds.

It is my thoughts.

Try to talk with them. If they dont buy your proposals - you must work outside of home. As volunteer at a shelter. Or as here, together with a friend who perhaps dont have the knowledge but has a accepting home...
Or together with a good TNR-group, you doing all the fieldwork outside.

Pity, a good fosterhome is gold worth, especielly if one do have fully vaccinated, friendly homecats.
(Best is probably good TNR combined with some fostering.)
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I think it may be common for feline helpers to become whipping girls/boys.

You wouldn't want to help TOO much, right?

Just know that you are doing so much for the life of that little creature, no matter what anyone says. Everyone in here certainly appreciates what you've done for this one little darling.

It will all work out; keep your chin up.
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Hurray for you and Johanna for doing the right thing! Yes, people can do good things, but often will be criticized & misunderstood I have taken a lot of flack for helping out the helpless, whether cat, dog, child or woman But I know that my Creator gave me the heart to want to help, so I remind myself that with every criticism, my critic's heart grows emptier, and mine will too, if I listen to them - guess my heart is pretty full by now, and that's how I like it
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