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Job hunting... (rant)

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Ok so I have been job hunting all this last week. I went on an interview Thurs at a local college and it went VERY well..They have full benefits, paid vacations, I can go to school there if I wanted to for only ¼ of the tuition and my kids can go (when they're old enough) can go free. They also said that when schools out for break at holidays and spring break I'm off too and paid! I and REALLY excited about it but still wanted to keep looking just in case. Well yesterday I went on an interview at a local pallet company. I was there 2 HOURS on this interview. The owner kept saying I had the job but he had to do this other interview because it was already scheduled. He went on to show me all the procedures and introduced me to alot of the other employees. He actually started training me on a few things. He said he would call me today at 2pm to confirm me starting on tues because he didn't think the other lady would be able to handle the rough atmosphere.
Well it started raining right before I left and he was going to give me an umbrella but I declined and made a run for the truck. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get into management seeing I would be the office manager there. Unfortunatly, I would be the only woman around a TON of men.. not really comfortable with that.
Well yesterday the college called and said for me to come in monday so they can do the background check. I know for a fact that I'm the only one they called because a friend of mine went on the same interview and they haven't called her. This got me REALLY worked up and excited.
But just in case, I was going to accept the office manager job also to have something to fall back on if the college decided not to hire me.
So here I was, w/2 jobs... Great right? Well I decided I was going to take the college one.
Then today I got a voicemail from the office mgr position sayin he was going with the other lady he interviewed today! I was LIVID... Why? I dunno, I wasn't going to take the job anyways! But, I was still mad. Why waste 2 HOURS of MY life and have me fill out all the new hire paperwork and say he's hiring me and then NOT do it?! I have tried ALL day to let it go but I just can't. I know I wasn't going to take it but I'm still upset about it!

Sorry this was long, just needed to get it out of my system
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That is total waste of your time. You should had called and told them about wasting your time.
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I can understand - there was no need to lie. People expect to have to wait to find out whether they got a job or not. That's frankly close to mental cruelty.
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I hear you! I was job hunting for the past three weeks before I finally landed something. All I kept hearing was 'You'd be great for the job, we really want to hire you BUT we can't until the end of August.' Apparently there are no openings anywhere untill all the kids go back to school.

Why even bother setting up an interview now? Why advertise that you're hiring, when you're really not hiring NOW. I applied for a least a dozen jobs and it was nothing but a waste of time and gas.

So annoying. I was so thrilled to have found something. I'm only a server, and dog training pays most of my bills, but I'd be dirt broke without this job after all the main bills are paid.
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