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Average kitten weights?

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I took Macchiato and Latte to the vet this morning and got them their 1st vaccination. (Cappuccino will be going to our vet, next week)

So we weighed the kittens first, before he did anything else with them, and they were both 2.5 lbs. Is that normal for an 8 week old kitten or are they big?

I looked, but I couldn't find anything that says about kitten weights.
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Sounds about right. Seems that the average adult cat (10-12 lbs) usually weighs about a pound per month old till it reaches adult weight. So if the kits are 2 months old and 2.5 lbs - that's about right.

I never worried about weight with my rex kittens - they are not average cats to start and are smaller; so it made no sense to keep track of weight. I'd go by general feel and look of the body and overall health/activity. Adult rexes only weigh about 5-7 lbs depending on body size.
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My kittens are a week today and I was a tiny bit worried, but they have doubled their birth weight!
They are all just over 8 oz. One's eyes are beginning to open a bit, too. And they walk around (even though they can't see) really well! If this is any indication of how they will be later, I will have my hands full!!!
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http://www.kitten-rescue.com/bottle_feeding_kitten.html (scroll down to the bottom of the page). These are weights for hand-raised babies and babies reared by their mumcat are a bit heavier.
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So would 3 lbs 4 oz be unusually small for a 4.5 month old kitten? That's what Lily weighed at the vet's yesterday. The shelter didn't give me her weight when I got her about 2 weeks ago so I can't compare weights, although she has grown noticable both in length and girth. She was pretty skinny when I got her, and now she's more or less perfect in body condition.

And on the other hand, Eve is about 10 weeks (estimated by shelter) and is growing like a weed! In the two weeks I've had her she went from 2 lbs 4 oz to 3 lbs 3 oz! And she's still a touch on the skinny side! She has big paws, especially compared to Lily, and the vet said that she might be a big kitty. Any guesses on how big she might get?
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Kittens weights vary so much because of what is in the background. If you have smaller types of cats (more refined) like siamese, orientals or other smaller types, the kittens will be smaller at the same ages.

If you have larger cats (like a maine coon or ragdoll) they would be heavier at the same age.

In other words a 3 month old siamese will not weigh the same as a 3 month old maine coon cat.
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Naturestee, kittens between 1 and 9 months usually weigh around a pound per month so Lily should weigh around 4.5 pounds. As GoldenKitty said, weight can vary but kittens should be within about 1/2 pound of that at this stage.
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