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Flea Combing Methods

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What am I doing wrong? I've used a flea comb twice on my kitten (4 - 6 weeks old) and have yet to catch a flea. I know she has a few because I've gotten a few bites on my legs when having her in my lap. I've seen a couple in her bedding, too.

She loves the combing, but it doesn't seem to be working.
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It could be that the fleas are "congregating" around a certain area. They usually like to stay around the butt area, between the legs and around the neck. Try there to see if you get better luck
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Thanks again! I don't think I combed her kitty butt, but I'll try that!
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Dont forget that the fleas Jump so you might easily miss one if you dont look very carefully.I saw 3 on our new 'found' kitten and they were brown and jumped a mile.I sort of pulled the comb outwards from his fur aswell.good luck.
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If you are not super sighted and quick, the fleas will get away from you.
I wouldn't count on this a a flea control method- I'd get some Frontline or Advantage on them the moment they are old enough.
But then you knew that

Try combing them in layers, i.e. hold the coat up with one hand and comb down a small section at a time so you can really see the skin. Have a cup of alcohol by your side to dispose of the fleas. Fleas will go to the butt or to the eyes for moisture, and will hide in ears or between footpads.
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