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Kitten Weight

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I have posted a little about my new kittens. I consider this the correct forum for them as they were orphaned and neglected and for all practical puposes ferel's. When I got them a week ago the lady that had been taking care of them said she thought they were about 8 weeks old. I had them to the vet today and they said between 10-12 weeks. they only weight 2 pounds each and is this normal? I read somewhere that at 5 weeks they should be 2 pounds. Is this extremely underweight? Should I supplement them with milk formula replacement? Any suggestions on fattening them up. I do have them on vitamins already.


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get them onto a diet of twice feeding wet food. It can even be two heaping tablespoons per feeding and if you feed them two or three times a day until they are about six months, that should work very quickly.

How are they? Did they have worms or anything wrong? Do they have the runs? Diarrhea can be bad when they are so little so watch them and if ask the vet what to do to stop it as soon as possible.

I will try to find what I've been reading about kitten feeding. Although I learned to feed them several times a day I found NOTHING to say how much to feed per feeding.

I've been feeding my kittens, about the amount I posted above, and these kits were not even 1 pound 3 oz about two weeks ago. Now they are 2.3 and 2.6 pounds respectively.
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I cannot accurately say how much I have been feeding them. I keep dry out all the time and give them canned food several times a day. Not much at a time like maybe 1/2-3/4 tsp. as that is all they will eat at a time. They come to us and meow when they are hungry usually about every 2-3 hours or so. Should I supplement with KMR or not? I just feel 2 pounds at 10-12 weeks is severely underweight, but can't find information about what the weight should be normally. I can feel their spine and hip bones but it is not visible just to look at them.


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Honestly, I don't know if they need the KMR right now, but they may like to have some. It won't hurt them. If you have it around, feed it from a bowl per the instructions.

But do as you've been and you'll see they will gain weight. If you have a scale you can weigh them and see. They will be fine. You've already had them vet checked so that is good!

I have a postal scale so I can weigh mine. It's good because the bigger of my two kittens actually weighs less than the kitten that looks smaller. He is more muscluar and the other one has more fur, I guess.
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I don't have KMR on hand but will get some tomorrow. I do have kitchen scales that go up to 4 pounds and I have the same circumstance as you do. My larger kitty weighed less and the smaller kitty weighed more.

They did not have worms or anything like that and fecal test came out negative. So all in all they seem healthy enough, just small. No diarrhea or anything. Just seem like normal active kittens so far. But I am just concerned about them being so thin and tiny and also being without a mother so long too which I would think could hamper their health long term. No one told me if they gave KMR or not. Just moistened dry food mixed with canned food. I did not feel that was an appropriated diet really, but maybe they did supplement it with KMR and did not tell me.

Thanks for you advice and information,

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