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Can't Eat Anymore?

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Our little Izzy is now having trouble eating. He wants to eat, but he seems to have trouble getting it in. He goes up to the food & can't seem to figure out that he has to open his mouth to get it in & chew. He'll then back away from the food for a few seconds & try again.

This is on top of his other problems; peeing blood in his waterbowl, overall lethargy, etc. I have a few threads going on so I won't get into detail here - just interested in the feeding piece of the puzzle now.

I should probably start a new thread & put down all his symptoms
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I haven't read the other threads, but I assume he's seeing a vet about all this? How old is he? (just wondering if he was really young w/ his milk teeth or if he was elderly, etc)
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He's seen a few vets (emergency & regular) He was born on April 15th so he is about 15 weeks.
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Have you tried wetting the kibble to make it softer?
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He's eating wet. He seems to be feeling better. I just realized he feels better after he pees - there is blood is in urine; that is probably why
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After following all of the Izzy threads ... I still have to go back to basics. Blood in the urine is indicative of some sort of urinary tract/bladder issue which normally requires antibiotics. I know you have gone to great expense and effort for this kitten already but I just really think he needs to be treated as though he had a UTI or crystals. Knowing what you've gone through already with this boy, I hate to even suggest this, but honestly, he needs to go back in to get some relief. Between you having to be caring for him all the time and him not ever feeling well, it might be the thing to do for you both. I suspect that neither of you are much enjoying life at the moment ... you might also speak to the vet about a lower pH food designed for urinary tract issues. Stay away from fishy flavors of food; they can cause an imbalance in the urine's pH and cause crystals - why not try to feed him boiled chicken only for a short while (a day or so - hand feed him if you have to) and see if the bland doesn't help him some.
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Our vet said to monitor the blood & if not better to take him in next week. We'll probably bring him in on Wednesday. There was no evidence of a UTI or Crystals last week & the vet did not want to prescribe any medication without any real evidence because of the meds he was on already.

He's eating Natural Balance (Turkey & Giblets) which him & his sister seem to like. It supposed to be a step above the Science Diet we were giving them.

This little guy is a fighter though - this morning he was bouncing off walls trying to attack everything in sight
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