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Water Intake in Kittens

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I found a lovely 4 -6 week old kitten on Wednesday. The kitten doesn't seem to drink any of the water I put down for her. I'm feeding her a wet kitten formula about 4 times a day (as much as she'll eat). Should she be drinking more? Is it possible that she's getting all the water she needs form the food? Thanks!
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She technically should be drinking more, but that's really good that you're feeding her wet food. Have you tried those water-fountain things for cats? (I'm sorry I don't know what they're called--I *think* it's Drink Well or something)

Has your kitten seen the vet yet? Just to make sure everything is OK
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Yes, Lusa went to the vet on Thursday and is going back on Tuesday to have her ears looked at. She's on the thin side and has a URI and fleas

Should I add a bit of water to her food or give her some water with an eye dropper?

Sorry for such basic questions...I've never had a kitten this young.
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Never worry about asking too many questions, that's how you learn!

The URI and fleas should be treated pretty easily, so no worries there. When my kitten was found, he was covered in super-mutant fleas (lol).

According to my vet, a kitten should be drinking about 1/3 cup of water a day. Do you know how to check for dehydration? Just in case, you pinch the skin, pull it up and let go. It should snap back immediately. If it's slow, it means he's dehydrated. If this is the case, you can give him some Pedialyte through an eye dropper or see if he'll drink it out of a bowl. If he is hydrated, then you shouldn't worry.

However, if I were you, I would go ahead and give him some water through an eye-dropper, but be very careful not to tilt his head back so he breathes in any water. Make sure he is "drinking" it along with the pressure you are applying to the dropper.
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Thank you for the info and tips, jlphilli! 1/3 cup...wow, she's not drinking anywhere near that amount. I'll check her for dehydration.
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Oops...I meant she for all of the above, lol
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I worry about my cats water intake as well, especially with our warm weather lately. The trick to get my Jasper interested in his water bowl is to put an ice cube in. He loves it. Kitty, on the other hand, refuses to drink from a bowl on the floor unless she is desperately thirsty. So I make sure to have her own cups of water around the house for her.
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My kitten will drink out of his bowl but his favorite place is my water glass. I am huge water drinker and now cannot keep a glass out anywhere. It is a hoot to see how far he will stick his head into a glass to get a few licks of my water.
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