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Former good kitties going potty everywhere but the box!

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OK so we have three female cats and one male. I've made sure the cat boxes stay clean and sprayed the stained areas with Natures Miracle just for cats stain and odor removal and they still go everywhere. The even go to the side of a perfectly clean cat box and poop. These are indoor only cats and they've never done this before - it's only been the past few months. The had a not so clean litter box at the time but now it's perfectly clean all the time - scooped daily. Any suggestions on what to do?

The girls pick on the boy so much he has special priviledges - he gets to be in my room and none of the girls do. Regardless, he sprays urine everywhere. He has his own cat box and his own room (shared with me) and lots of love and affection. He has become an indoor only cat because he was getting severely injured so frequently but he was doing this before he was kept inside. I've no doubt he's unhappy but he has to stay in for his safety and I'd like to make him happy and stop the spraying and pooping next to the cat box. Any help would be great.
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Have you had a look at this thread?

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Are all your cats spayed and neutered? If not, that's part of the problem.

Have you changed brands of litter? How many pans do you have? Has there been any recent changes in the household (additional people or pets)? Are their a lot of outside stray cats around?

Many times neutered cats will spray or wet in other areas if they are upset or major changes have happened. Also it could be urinary track infections - I'd make a vet appointment to rule out any physical/internal problem and then if that's all ok, go from there to make changes.
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I'll look into that thread, thankyou!

Yes, all my cats are spayed or neutered. We change regularly, trying to find something they like, and we have two pans in the house, and one in moms room for our male whom spends all his time there. The girls used to be very good when we had an automatic box, but when it broke, they stopped useing the litter box. Also, our biggest cat, Gaia, has trouble fitting into the box, so I thought that might be a problem? There are alot of unspayed and unneutered cats all around our house (This winter, we're trapping and fixing them all.) and Phantom previously used to try to see them off. He sprays all around the doors when hes out in the main house, and i'm pretty sure its because of a siamese that absolutely adores him. (This Siamese is from up the street, hes an unneutered male, and fallowed phantom around like a groupie. he even brought mice and birds and rats to our back door and cried when Phantom didnt come out. Also, when phantom charged him to say 'get out' he's just hunker down and let phantom beat up on him, though hes clearly a very big, strong, young cat. Its very cute!)

As for recent changes and additions, we just today moved the house around, and we added a few new pets ( a ferret, a gecko, and three bettas.) that they seem to get along with, but this has been going on for a long long time, and they dont seem to be bothered by them, this problem has gone on for a long time before this.

I'll look into finding out about urinary tack infections. Thanks alot!
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