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New 'Stupid Question(s) of the Day!

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I have read not to bottle feed kittens on their back because that is not the way they eat. Well one of our kittens likes to nurse while she is on her back and will often go to sleep that way.
I hate to meddle but should I turn her over or let her be?

This site has been a Godsend to me because I have so many odd questions!!
Thank you all!!
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I would make an attempt to flip her over, so that she's nursing tummy down. As adorable as this sounds...it isn't safe for her.
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i found the easiest way to bottle feed the kittens was to put them on my knee so they were on there bellies and feed them so they are in the same position as they were feeding off mum
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Michelle--this is the way she feeds from mom! She gets upside down and nurses! It IS cute but I was a bit worried that she may choke. She also like to sleep this way--belly up!
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The only stupid question is one that goes unasked.

I would flip her over too, unless she won't eat at all unless she's on her back. Non-human animals can choke, but the risk is much greater in humans because we can speak (evolutionary trade-off). Let her roll back over once she's done feeding.

Hopefully all your babies are doing well and will keep doing well!
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I have seen the kittens feeding from mom while lying on their backs - should I try and flip them over when they do that? I think mostly they roll over so they can kick at any other kittens trying to get to their nipple.
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These are my 3 babies at one week. This is how they always sleep, though the dark one is usually on her back. When I got the camera she rolled over and cuddled with her siblings!
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Spots is being AWFUL friendly to me today, just rubbing against my legs!!! She is not usually a friendly cat...she pretty much just puts up with me, could it be that she has 'changed' since becoming a mom or is it that she just might be in heat already?
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It could be both. My cat had quite a bit of anxiety build up in her personality prior to the pregnancy (lots of turmoil in our lives lately and the cats have felt it, she has taken it hard though). This all seems to have gone away. She craves affection from anyone now where before she didn't always like strangers to touch her.

It could be heat too. I know they can come into heat pretty quickly.
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