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now i think this is REALLY it!!!

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Kitty has ben licking her self like crazy and the fur around her bottom is all wet. she isn't panting or purring yet. does this sound like its time?
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now she is in the litter box. i forgot to add that her back twitched a few times. and i just caught her purring.
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Sounds like it.
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Good luck Jessie and Kitty!
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Good luck and keep us posted!
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update: she is just laying down now, resting. nothing yet. this cant be a false alarm can it? her fur around her butt is wet. doesnt that mean its time?
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Go Kitty Go! Good luck!
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*sigh* still nothing... is this normal? i am freaking out all she is doing is just laying there sleeping!!! another false alarm? anybody?
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right after i sent that last post i was watching her and her back twitched 3 times fast twice. contractions?
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Sounds like it.
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hi jessie how is kitty doing any babies yet???????
sending positive ((((((vibes)))))) and prayers that all goes well
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Checking to see how Kitty is, hoping for greta news! {{{{{good vibes}}}}}
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Maybe by now she has kittens...???

If not, she WILL have them soon! I know it seems like you've been waiting forever for these babies, and you have! Hang tight, it's going to happen at any moment!
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nothing yet guys. she is back to normal, i guess. she is snoozing in a corner right now. i dont know what is going on with her. my mom called the vet yesterday and he said that since her milk came in that it should be any day now.... but that is what i have been telling myself since the beginning of July! if she hasnt had them today i am going to have my mom call the vet tomarrow.... i just dont get it... i thought that for sure she was going to have them!
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nothing yet. her back is still twitching every now and then but other than that there is no change. so i think that she is having contractions every now and then.

(for thse of you who remember) didnt momof3rugratz/Jenny's cat Skittles act like Kitty is acting for a few days before she gave birth? do you think this is normal or something to be concerned about?
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If you're concerned, call your vet - you won't regret calling if you didn't need to, but you always will regret not calling if you did.

If you think you should call your vet - trust your instincts.
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You can't just leave us hanging like that. It sounds like contractions but dont get discouraged Jessie b/c they can labor for a while before actual delivery. So lets just hope that mama relaxes. Remeber to close off all dangerous places for her to run and hide and have the babies in, and keep us posted. Go MOMMY GO!!
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I'm on the "waiting train" with you guys!
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So anything happen yet? What did the vet say?
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nothing yet. still the same. my mom is going to call the vet in a min and i'll let you know as soon as i know something. what is the say that you are supposed to start worrying? day 69? or was it 70?

Susie... who are you waiting for?

thanks for all the support and help you all have been giving me. i really appreciate it
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awww np, be sure to let us know how the vet visit goes.
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Originally Posted by JESSIEnKITTY View Post
Susie... who are you waiting for?

I'm waiting for kittens!
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Yes, please let us know what the vet says.

This may sound ridiculous...but is it possible that Kitty ISN'T pregnant? I have read about false-pregnancies, and how cats can exhibit all of the symptoms (weight gain, eating more, etc.) of a real pregnancy, and then actually not be pregnant. Apparently this happens...I don't know, I'm just brainstorming.

Or, her due date was WAYYYYY off.

Or, there's something wrong...I do think the vet thing is a good idea. If for some reason she's ready to have the kittens, but isn't delivering them...I would start to worry.

I'm not trying to discourage you!!! Just keep us posted on what the vet says.
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I'm waiting for kittens!
how far along is she.... and who is the "she"?

there is no way it is a false preggo. the little boogers are kicking like crazy!

my mom has called 2 different vets and they have both said that if she is eating fine and she is acting fine then there is nothing to worry about but i thought that babies being overdue was a bad thing???? i am so confused! are my vets wrong? he said if we are worried about her then to bring her in but problem is that my mom doesnt get paid until the 15th and all the $$ we have left is gas money cuz that is about all we have. and if he says not to worry then i dont want to have to spend $$ that we dont have on an unnesacary vet visit.... i'll talk to my mom tonight and see if there is any way we can get her in to see him if there are no kittens by tomarrow. i just dont know what to do other than be patient! every day i think that day is the day and it never happens and she keeps making me think she is in labor so i dont wanna take her into the vet yet. i am so scared that i am going to wait too long...
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Is there anyway your vet will hold a check? I know mine will hold a post dated check for up to one week. just a thought just incase
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no change in her yet. my mom is at work right now and she is calling the vet now to see if we can get her in today or possibly tomarrow. i told her to ask about a payment plan or something. she's ganna call me back as soon as she's done talking to him. i'll let you all know.
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my mom called 2 different vets and one said that they would do an X-Ray and a C-Section if nesecary but it would cost over $800 and we just dont have that kind of $$ even if we do a payment plan.

The other vet said that as long as she was eating normal they wouldent even consider seeing her (who gave them their vet lisence? )

My mom and i talked to a retired vet who lives about an hour from us and who is alot more experienced and does some vet work for alot cheaper and he said Kitty will give birth when her hormones kick in and when she is ready (at which point i interveined) and i said "well isnt it bad that she is so overdue?" and he said that since she has had a previous litter and it went fine and since i can still see the babies moving and Kitty doesnt seem to be in any discomfort or pain, that there is no immediate problem but to bring her in if she doesnt have them in the next few days (mom and i decided tomarrow).

my mom doesnt seem to understand that i am stressed out and that i am beginning to panic. it is hard when something is wrong with someone you love and there is nothing you can do about it except sit back and wait. i am really starting to freak out and stress out. so much is going on with my life right now (learning to drive, Kitty, school starting soon, colorguard and many other things i wont bore you with) and i think i am just about to breaking point. i am only a teen! i shouldent have to go through this! please send some major vibes for me and Kitty.
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sending load's of good vibe's ur way hun , think tonight is the night for mine as she is panting and had what looked like a few hiccup's finger's crossed for the pair of us
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sending you a big (((((((hug))))))) babe you sound as if you need it xx
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You're just like me! i was so anxious about my Bluebell.****** Here's some big luck and happy vibes from me to you******
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