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Cat Acne Is Getting Worse!

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Our big, gray, tabby tomcat has had cat acne off an on around his chin but now he seems to have some sore and broken out places on his lip. Poor guy. The lower left side of his mouth is very swollen and sore. Of course, these things happen on the weekend when the vet is unavailable.

The internet says treatment is to clean the area and put anitbiotic ointment on it. But he doesn't even want us to come close to touching it!!

Have any of you had this kind of problem with any of your cats? Can it be contagious? So far, our female cat seems unaffected.
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Plastic dishes are the main cause stoneware with glaze that has cracked is a problem as well.
If you are using plastic, or stoneware with a compromised glaze, stop using it, and switch to stainless steel or plain glass.
I washed dishes twice a day during bad outbreaks.

Two person job as far as treating his chin, and don't bother with an ointment.
Wrap him in a towel like a burrito with only his head sticking out.
Use a cotton ball damped with warm water and either regular bar soap, or an acne cleanser.
Our vet recommends PHisoDerm.
Scrub gently and rinse thoroughly 2 to 3 times a day.
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Poor Baby - It is time for your kitty to see a vet - he needs professional medical help!! Please make an appointment first thing monday.

It's not contagious and if you haven't please switch every bowl to stainless steel !!
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Thanks for the help. Our cat bowls are glass and they are washed in the dishwasher about every other day. I had heard the thing about plastic and pottery before.

We will try cleaning his owie as reccommended and if we see no improvement will call the vet Monday.
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