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Help! Agressive new Bengal Kitten

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I have just introduced a new 12week old bengal female kitten to my 2 cat household

She is a stunning snow Bengal and is so sweet and loving to humans .....But so agressive to my 2 resident babies

I have a 4 year male moggy, Norman (big softy) and my little Mooshu 3year old 1/2 bengal (very small & submissive)

The new baby (willow) is hissing and growling at both my cats and even attacks my little Moosh who is terrified of her ! My tom is just totally not bothered. Its my little girl im concerned about .I give them all their own rooms and they are supervised when together. I know its early days(7 days) but how can I deter the new kitten from chasing and attacking my little girl?

kind regards
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i have a similar problem with my two. i have a 8 month old Ocicat and a 8 year old moggie. the kitten has been here for two months and they still chase each other, hiss, fight. but so far no blood has been drawn and no fur has gone flying so i think it's just the kitten playing and Phoebe just being fed up with it. sometimes they do have some play time together. it was much worse at first but it has gotten a lot better. they should eventually learn to live with each other even if they aren't mates.
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Welcome to the Cat Site!

Have a look through the old introduction threads for ideas - like putting vanilla (the real kind, not the artificial kind, but I can never remember which is which) on their chins and behind their necks (so that they all smell alike).

I'm sure there are other ideas in their too.
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It is sometimes very prominent in Bengals to be very territorial. I own 6 cats (2 bengals) and one of my bengal females is the one starting all the fights, and some of my cats are scared of her. I have found out that the wrong way to stop this is to yell at her, because then she just gets frustrated and attacks them more often. I have to overall be very careful to show her a lot of attention and affection so she keeps on being sure that she is nr. 1!!! and doesnt have the need to show the other cats that she is. She is even territorial when she hears the postman come or if someone knocks on the door. Then she runs growling through the house.

I have heard of a method that is very affective. It is very simple. You take a piece of cloth and rub the new kitten with it, then you rub the other cats with it, then again the new kitty etc. By doing this you are putting each and everyone personal odor on all the others, making them more prone to accept each other when the odor is very similar to their own.
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