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Deploying to Iraq--- Please Help!

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I am looking for advice.

A little background on my girls who are all indoor cats, spayed but not declawed-no problems with scratching either:

Able Inchon 5 years (was found injured at the Inchon rifle range in Parris Island, South Carolina) She gets her name from being black and white like the Able shooting target.
Chaps Harley 4 years (we got her from the pound in Texas to be Able's companion) She gets her name because she is tiger striped but if you look at her from the back, she looks like she is wearing chaps and she purrs as loud as a Harley.
Charlie Bear 2 years (a few years ago we were putting up gutters on the house when we hear tiny meows from the woods behind us. Once I saw her, I asked to keep her but with two indoor cats already my husband said she'd have to be an outdoor cat. The next day Hurricane Charlie (Aug 2004) was headed our way and I convinced my husband she'd never survive if we left her outside. She's never been out since) She gets her name from the Hurricane and she is all black and big like a black bear.

My husband and I are both in the Marine Corps. A few years ago, we deployed to Iraq. His parents kept the three of them for the year that we were gone (in addition to two of their own). We are both getting ready to deploy again for another year. I do not want to burden my in-laws and ask them to watch them again and everyone we know is going too. I would like to place them somewhere for the year and get them back when we return. I would hate to, but if in their best interest, I would consider someone else keeping them, if they could stay together.

Is there someone anyone knows of that takes 3 cats for a year and returns them?
Is there a place or organization that would allow me to give them but keep the three of them together? (I would hate to seperate them)
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Check outthese links. These organization were established specifically for the temporary care of pets belonging to deployed soldiers.
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Thank you. I am going to check them out. We really appreciate it.
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I hope you find something. I've heard of programs like that. I believe my cat Bunny (lives at my parent's) was given up by a deploying or PCSing person. It would break my heart to give up such a sweetheart.

I really hope you do find someone.
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I'll move this to SOS for you. I hope you can find a solution that will allow you to keep your pets. It would be tragic if by protecting our country, you had to lose them. It seems like you have to give up enough already. Thank you to you and your husband for your service.
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thanks. The girls say thanks for helping their meowme too.
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I just read this post and am sending prayers for the successful fostering of the cats and also prayers of protection forThr33cats. Bless you all for caring for the needy kitties, and for all that you do for the rest of us Americans Susan
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You could try C.A.P.S., (carolina animal protection society) they can sometimes be of help.
Thank you for your service to all of us, I hope you return safely.
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Thank you for your prayers catsknowme and your advice krazykat2 I try not to get stressed out about it but I do not want to seperate them from each other and I want to be assured that they are going to be taken care of. I talked to the vet yesterday (the girls needed their rabies shot) and she suggested CAPS but I hate the thought of knowing I won't get them back. I am holding out for a foster, and if all else fails, I will have no choice.
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Where are you located in NC? PM me if you'd prefer.

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I am located at Camp Lejeune which is in Jacksonville, NC
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I'm in Emerald Isle. Let's chat via pm.
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