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Oil heat?

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We are moving to a house the beginning of Sept. and this house has oil heat, now I know nothing about oil heat or anyone close to me that has it and I'm curious about how much it's going to cost us a month during the winter? I keep it pretty cool inside in the winter, around 62-65 and I'm comfortable. But I know oil prices are very high at the moment.

Does anyone have oil heat and could you give me an idea what this might run us a month? Thanks in advance.
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Years ago my ex husband and I bought a house with oil heating. We immediately contacted the natural gas co and switched. Oil heating is dirty and quite pricey, not that Natural gas isn't but I didn't like the dirtyness of oil.

My cuurent home is all electric so we installed two pellet stoves for heating during the winter time. Sorry that I couldn't help with price as I haven't used fossile fuels in years. Good luck.
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I used to have oil heat, but now have natural gas. I didn't have a problem with the oil heat being dirty. The fact that I can and already have had a gas leak makes me more nervous than the oil heat ever did. My parents, who have oil heat, paid $300-$400 a month during the extremely cold months this past year.
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My parents in law have oil heat at their 'cottage' - basically a big house in cottage country (now they own an insulation company and so the house is very well insulated) and they paid about $130-$150 a month over the winter and they keep theirs at 72F and it gets pretty cold up there
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Thanks everyone for the information, it gives me a general idea. I sure hope it's not too high, although I'm pretty sure it will be higher than what we pay now.
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The oil tax situation is different here in Europe, meaning sky high, but we paid about $1,200 to heat our house this past winter (rather severe), and that was from early September to late May. We keep the house pretty cool
(63° - 65° F), though. Electric heat would run about twice that, and I absolutely refuse to have natural gas anything in the house on the basis of past experiences.
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we heat with oil in 1/2 the house-it costs $226 right now on the budget plan -payments are supposed to go down in winter (yeah right ) with plan -it's $100 more this year than last .We never have had a problem with it being dirty-I know our company comes 2x a year to service & clean the furnance-
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I grew up with a house heated with oil-didn't find it dirty or smelly.
My sis lives in VA and has oil heat-what you need to do is contact an oil company as some of them have minimum fill requirements (like 100 gallons). I don't know of its possible to lock in a price or not.
I would have the furnace services and the the filters changed as that can make a difference.
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