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i just got the nicest surprise

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Whisker's Mom sent me a package! Inside were several gifts and one is a Guardian Kitty, she is a stuffie and she purrs! It will be a welcome addition for the next motherless bunch that arrives here. Not quite the same thing, but perhaps will offer comfort to the little ones. Thank you so much Ghys! That was a neat surprise and I totally loved all the gifts enclosed!
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Hissy, I hope you don't mind me adding this to your thread...but I also got a nice and quite unexpected surprise today!!! From Secret Santa's helper....Whiskers Mom!!!
She sent me a Secret Santa package since she found out I never got one from my Secret Santa! I also got a stuffed kitty that purrs, and a teddy bear key chain, a kitty thermometer, and several other goodies!!! I was quite surprised! You are a doll, Ghyslaine!
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That is so cool Debby! I am glad an elf came to your rescue. The sleigh must of gotten lost in the Bahamas or something
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You're both very welcome! I really wasn't expecting such a public Thank you. I am honored. Okay.....I did copy and send each of you a purring kitty but, they are not twins! They also almost got Kittynapped here at the office. LOL. Everyone fell in love with them.

Hissy, I was really serious though....after reading about some of your experiences, I honestly believe you need a Kitty Guardian by your side! Hopefully she can play double duty and help out the motherless kitties as well! I think she's in for a busy adventure in your home.

I really wanted to go "anonymous" but.....you should see all the info I had to give the courrier service in order for the packages to cross the border!!!

See you at Christmas!
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Thank you Santa!
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