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Weird behavior

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I have a male cat that's 2 years old. He was neutered about a year ago. He does this weird thing on the bed where he will "paw" or "dig" with his front two paws while biting and holding onto the comforter. He did this for about 5 minutes not too long ago. Any idea what he's doing?
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My cat does the exact same thing. We call the game claw, my cat Reilly thinks that the comforter is a alive and he's trying to beat it up

Sometimes though he gets a bit too excited and humps the comforter it's normal behaviour though.
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I think you're talking about kneading, which is a normal instinctive behavior. This link will help explain... http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...light=kneading
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I don't know, unprovoked and including biting, I'm more inclined to think this kitty is doing a dominance display with the comforter.
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It sounds like he's trying to catch "bed mice"! Actually, it's pretty normal play behavior. If you're worried about him wrecking the comforter, you could put a cheap throw blanket over it, or give him a few small stuffed toys to wrestle with.
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