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I am done training my little Jinxy to play fetch. If you throw, flick, or toss his toy mouse anywhere he will bring it back to your hand. It is truly amazing how well he does it, if you are sitting on the couch watching TV he will bring the mouse up and drop in your lap when he wants to play. About 8 rounds later he is tired of running and will lay down next to it, then about 30 minutes later it's on again. He wants to fetch so much now I feel guilty about not throwing it for him when he brings it to me, which makes me stay up later than I want, and sometimes now I am late to work . He used to be fooled by the "pump fakes" but not anymore, he knows when it going to be thrown for real, and if you throw it near his jumping range he will try to catch. I had to share this because it is so amazing, and consistent, he is addicted to playing fetch now. I just moved last Saturday, and he is stressed about the new house so he hasn't played yet. I hope it comes back to him though.
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Ripley and I play fetch too and the amazing thing is that the fake outs do not work!
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One of mine, Iggy, will fetch those plastic pop bottle tops.
If you click it with your fingernail, he'll come running from wherever he is to play with you. Until HE gets tired of it, of course.
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My ragdoll taught me to play fetch. There was a wad of paper on the bed one nite when i went to bed and i threw it on the floor. (Please--no comments on my housekeeping), She picked it up off the floor and dropped it next to me on the bed. It took a few weeks, but eventually she would do it in front of other people! But only on the bed and only if no other cats are watching.....She started with wads of paper then switched to q tips and now her favorite it twisty ties. Its a hoot. She loves it so much she makes noises throughout the entire game. Her record is 21 in a row before she stops for a rest.
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Our Casper is the King of fetching. He never gets tired and can play hours if we had the time! He alwyas gets started when we sit on the couch. He then brings his string, and sits next to me and drops thestring there. Then he looks at me and whines "Mommy, throw that string now

See Casper fetching here
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That is so cute! He is so smart! He is a very pretty kitty!
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Okay...what's the secret. We want to play fetch too.
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Yeah, how do you train your cat to bring the toy back. When I throw his toys he will chase after them and carry them around in his mouth but not to me! Am I half way there?
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I would love to know how to teach Tigger to play fetch. I would like it if Giz would too, but he's to stuck up for fun - unless it's his idea!

Any feedback would be great!
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I think the fetch thing has to be their idea, or at least make them think that. Trent played fetch for a while. Now he just likes to chase whatever we throw. Of course, in his mind, we are supposed to have an endless supply of things to throw for him to chase.
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I used to have a cow cat named Jellybean, bless her little soul.

I threw a milk ring to her one day, she picked it up in her mouth and brought it back to me. repeat, repeat and repeat.
Was the cutiest thing, we never trained her to do it.

I love cats that fetch.
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Orion used to play fetch like mad, but now, it's just not his game anymore.

We got a super fun toy, though, for kitties who like to chase things in the air.

Hubby bought one of those little kids foam disc shooters, and a big pack of refills. We sit on one end of the room and fire em out into the next room. Orion chases em like crazy. That way, you don't have to keep getting up every 2 minutes to grab the throw toy again...with the mega refill discs, every 5 minutes or so, you can go collect all of em, and start over!

Super fun!
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Alf will only fetch elastic bands and only if it is thrown high in the air - don't worry, he isn't a "chewer", so no fear of him swallowing one. He rescues them from the street (the postman always drops them outside our house as we are the first house in the street) which is better than him bringing home garden spiders to play with - a phase he went through a few summers ago. I wondered why we had so many enormous spiders in the house until I watched him bringing them in from the garden, playing with them a bit and then getting bored. He would also eat a few - lovely seeing him with bits of legs hanging out of his mouth - spider breath rather than cat-food breath - don't know which I prefer......
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