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Hi. We've got a family of shelter cats. We've installed a flap and they are now happy outside in our walled garden. They seem to use on corner of the garden which is sectioned off as their toilet and while we were away on honeymoon, our neighbour, who was looking after them, had some problems. So i was looking for some help on making the garden a happy environemnt for the cats and us.

1. Can i add soil to the area and dig the faeces into it or should i still remove the matter? What sort of materials should i be putting down if i do that?
2. There were a lot of flies in the area while i was away. I'm assuing that's because the hot weather meant that the cats couldn't dig very far down. Will adding more topsoil and ensuring it's soft enough deal with this problem? If not, what's the best way to get rid of the flies and their larvae without hurting the cats?
3. What grown well on those areas. I heard lavender did (which would also help with the smell.)

General help on this topic much welcomed...