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Safe Solutions for Steam Cleaners

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I have been searching on here trying to find if anyone knows of a cat safe cleaning solution to use in a steam cleaner. So far it seems people use vinegar (can't stand the smell) or they use regular steam cleaner solutions
. I really don't want to the regular solutions, because have heard the chemicals are not good for cats.
I have 2 cats that are just over a year old, so they are not quite are frail as kittens,
but still would like to find something safe AND that will [i]really clean [i] carpets. I am not able to totally keep them out of all the rooms either.
We just moved and the people did not have have pets so the carpet stains are not from pets, if that helps.

Thanks for the help,
S. K. Kelly
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I use the regular solutions and I have two human todders. They spend as much time on the floor as any cat. My credo, if its safe for my kids, it's safe for the cat (except onions and chocolate, of course.) I would just keep them confined. Usually, you have to vacuum after cleaning, so that should clear most of it out.
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A steam cleaner should work just fine without any solutions or additives. The water forces the dirt out of the carpets and sanitises it at the same time.

You could always spot clean with an pet friendly product before you begin steaming though.
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Thanks for the responses, I am going to try really hot water in the cleaner first to see how it does. Hopefully it will work.
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Back when I had carpets I put Nature's Miracle in my steam cleaner. If you buy it online it is only something like $18 a gallon.
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