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New cat often has tears running down face

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Okay, I've got a new cat around here, as you may have read in my past threads. The two cats do a lot of rough-housing and aren't getting along great but are tolerating each other. But, it's definitely not uncommon if I'm not paying attention to them for a minute, that I will hear some fighting breaking out. Anywho, the young new cat seems to have tears running down its cheeks every now and then when I'm with it. I've seen cat's eyes get moist or dirty before but this cat actually has tears every now and then. I don't know if it coincides with the fighting or not but she was just on my lap and kneading my lap then got off for a second and I looked at her and saw the tears on her cheeks again so I wiped them off. Is this an abnormal thing? Do cats really cry like that? Is she really heartbroken and sad about something? Is there anything I can do? Can I ask more questions? How are you today?
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It's not crying, it's weepy eyes.

Yoy can have him tested for blocked tear ducts- that is often what causes the tear to spill over onto the face. Other causes can be allergies, conjunctivitis, foreign bodies, etc.

But some completely healthy cats just have runnier eyes than others- only your veterinarian can tell you what is going on after checking him out in person.
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We wouldn't be able to say if your kitty is feeling sad, although it seems she's interacting well, and you're even getting special kneading love! Cats don't cry tears like we do when they're upset. Is she blinking repeatedly or seeming as if her eyes are irritated when she has these tears? I agree this would require her Vet's professional opinion to determine the cause.
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It's normal for my longhair to get one weepy eye, but only because she manages to get a hair in one at least everyother week.

I would suspect allergies or conjunctivitis if both eyes are weepy.
Take her to the vet for an opinion, always better safe than sorry.
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Rikki had, (and still does occasionally), tears running down his face. it was a dental problem. cat's don't 'cry' like humans do. she may even have a sinus problem. it could also turn out to be nothing. take her to the vet just to be sure. always take your pet to the vet if you see something wrong. a $30 visit now will be a whole lot better for both of you than the $600 visit if you put things off.
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