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still nursing at 15weeks?

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My female cat had her first/last litter at 8years of age. Only 3 kittens were conceived and only one made it (2 stillborns from lenghty labor). The kitten is now almost 4 months old and still nurses, in addition to eating a bit of dry food, wet food and whatever he can steal from my own plate.
Is it unhealthy for the mommy or the kitten to still nurse at that age?
I was waiting for him to stop nursing before having her spayed. If I wait another 4 weeks, is there any danger that he might get her pregnant? Lactating women don't get pregnant, do lactating female cats get heats?
Thanks for your imput!
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Yes, lactating female cats get pregnant! You'd better isolate her from the male; in fact, she may already be pregnant. Kittens will often nurse as long as mother allows it. If she has been around a male, she may be pregnant, and need that nourishment. I'm glad you're having her spayed. Allowing 12 years (puberty) for her first year of life and 5 years for each year since, she has the human age equivalence of 52 years.
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Prudence, I missed one of your questions. Her kitten will probably not be able to impregnate her until he is 5 to 6 months old. I was concerned about her being around the kitten's father. The kitten is still a bit young to impregnate her, but it won't be long!
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She may already be pregnant

Wow, you scared me there! So I guess the planning is OK: she gets spayed in 2weeks, after allowing him to nurse a grand total of 4, 4 and a half months. He'll get neutered in september, when aged 6 months.
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