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what great news about dovik! what a lucky boy to be so wanted.

i know what you mean about feeling sad that there isn't more of a thread from people who wanted to adopt and the shelters.
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Dear Anne,
You brought me to tears with such good news. I pray that this new found family sees what a wonderful dog he is and how much he moved this whole website to tears. We loved him so much...
God Bless You All,
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Dear Anne, I hope you can find a perfect home for Dovick with so many to pick from. Also hope you can capture the other dog and find it a good home as well.
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Well, I made some phone calls last night, following the emails and of course half of them got scared because of his (treated) lyme disease. One woman told me that a 2-3 years old dog is too old to be taken into a new home (duh!) and a couple of others said they want to come and have a look next week. I guess we need to be patient. I am a bit worried about his health too. He spent last night panting very heavily and seems a bit weak this morning. I'll call the vet as soon as the clinic is open.

As for the other dog - she's not around here. She's staying at the Israeli cat society shelter and I'm sure she's taken care of very well. I am simply trying to help their efforts to find a good home for her.
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let us know what the vet says about dovik
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Don't worry Anne, you'll find a great home...think real positve and do what you always tell others...just love him while you have him
Hugs & Kisses to Dovik

God Bless & Warmest Wishes

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I know with your breakin things are a bit crazy, but I wanted to ask what the status is on dovik. Hopefully he has found a home.
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Not yet... but he is feeling better and better by the day. He's much more energetic and enjoys a good half an hour stroll every morning.

Someone called last night and said she wants to come and see him today or tomorow. And there's another lady that said she would come this week. He is such a sweet boy - if I could I would keep him myself! The main problem is the cats that are scared of him (or rather of him and Bambi, our dog, together) and hardly get into the house. It's real sad for me to have to feed Gezer outside or on top of the kitchen cabinets so that he'll feel safe enought to eat and Mishmish keeps going away for days at a time. We were so worried yesterday after not seeing her for 2 days!!! Luckily she showed up in the middle of the night. It's really not fair towards the poor cats and I hope someone adopts him real soon!
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Anne, it is wonderful of you, your husband, and all the other people that take stray animals in and try to find homes for them. I shudder when I think what would happen to them otherwise. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment complex and we're only allowed one pet (and pay an unbelievable amount of "pet rent" a year).

The animal services around Phoenix are horrible. Two weeks ago, a dog belonging to a woman I work with somehow got out of the house. Even though the dog had tags and didn't bite anyone while out, he was found by the police and taken to the county animal shelter. The shelter contacted the family and informed them the dog had to be quarantined for 10 days. The family went down every day to visit the dog, and even brought some of his toys and belongings down to him so he wouldn't be too homesick.

They went to pick him up on the appointed day and were told that he had "accidentally" been euthanised. Apparently there was a "mix-up" in the paperwork and several of the wrong animals had been put down. The family was completely devastated.

The family has contacted several agencies and legal firms to try to find ways to keep this from happening again, but AZ doesn't recognize pets as anything more than personal property. If you don't have a receipt showing the animal's worth, to them it's worthless. The family is not looking for any monetary compensation, they just want to make sure this doesn't happen to someone else (she had her 3 children with her when she went to pick up the dog and they just blurted out the situation in front of the kids).

She's trying to find a way to bring suit against the shelter, but with the state's laws it's going to be tough. They've decided that if they do get a monetary settlement they will donate the money to one of the national Animal Rights organizations.

So again, thanks to all of you who are able and willing to take animals in. Even our own animals are not safe, not mention the poor homeless ones.
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What a story! I hope she can make them pay for this (and I think money is the only language these kind of places understand!). I am so sorry for your friend's dog and I share the pain. I think at the very least she can win compensation for the psychological damage to her kids (and herself!) I would just die if anything like that happened to one of my babies!
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What an absolutely horrid story! I literally feel sick to my stomach right now. To put down an animal that belongs to a loving family who is just waiting to come get him is unexcusable! I hope that they sue or whatever avenue they have to take to get peoples attention.

such a travesty
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That is a truly horrible story. How can the shelter ever make up for that?? That makes me feel awful.
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My sentiments exactly AirPrincess...rrrrr...there's no excuse for this stupid not to mention LAZY ASS move. Everyday I am now working with abuse cases and each and everday I am consumed with hatred for own speices. The feeling I have right now is a miror of that quote you had liked so well.
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I know exactly what you all mean. Everytime I think about this it makes me want to scream. Everytime I see this woman I feel so horrible. I've offered my help in anything she needs to try to make some difference with the system, but she's still at a loss on exactly how to go about it. She's contacted several TV and radio stations and all the area newspapers but hasn't gotten much of a response yet. A lot of them don't want to get involved because its a governmental/political thing. The Animal Rights organizations aren't getting involved because the dog was considered personal property.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I'd love to be able to help make sure this doesn't happen again, and possibly change the way animals are viewed here in AZ.
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What's this about so-called "animal rights" organizations deeming a dog "personal property" and thus skipping out of doing anything to bring killers to justice? I know Arizona is run by whacky rich people (rather like the federal government these days), but aren't "animal rights" organizations supposed to stand by animals? Is incest the Arizona Golden Rule?

For shame! For shame on the State of Arizona! For shame on those who call themselves "animal rights" people, yet abdicate their responsibilities in the face of checkbook-waving big shots! I spit on Arizona — its power structure, its government and its "animal rights" organizations! May they all go to hell, if the devil will have them.

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I agree with you 100%. It's a sad day when "animal rights" organizations won't do something to help in a situation like this. I guess they're only for the animals if the government isn't involved. They no longer seem want to try to change the governments view. How anyone can consider an animal personal property is beyond me. It is literally a case where if you have a receipt for the last roll of toilet paper you bought, it's worth more than the animal that you love and that is part of your family. I thinks its absolutely disgusting.

I've asked her to give me a list of the organizations that she's contacted. She's supposed to bring them in this week for me. I would like to contact them myself to see what they have to say. I'm hoping that maybe they misunderstood her situation and that, once explained fully, they'll help. I mean, isn't this is just the kind of thing they're supposed to be trying to protect animals from?
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Teri, If you could get e-mail addresses I'm sure everyone would love to let these "animal rights" groups know what we think of them. I would be ready to do bodily harm to some one if this happened to my dog!!!!
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That's a great idea. I'll get email addresses for them even if I have to call them all to get them. I would love to give those organizations a piece of my mind . When I get everything together I'll link the list to this thread. Then anyone who wants to contact them can. Thanks for the idea!
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Oh boy! YIKES...I can see this now....let's be careful...we don't want to step down to their level...although I'd like to take few steps underneath! (as I'm sure many of you may share the same sentiments).

The only reason why I say this, is because I saw a petition for "Sweetie" the got brutal...I'm sure you understand. I'm in...

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Hi Catrina,

Thanks for reminding us not to get nasty. On an emotional issue like this its easy to get carried away. I promise I will do my best to keep my comments to these agencies as straightforward and civil as possible. Hopefully, by just fully explaining the situation, I can help sway them to giving this woman a hand in her battle. The ultimate goal of any email sent to these organizations should be to try to protect this from happening to other animals. It should be a goal that they'd be interested in too.
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Back to Dovik the dog -

I found a good home for him and he left us yesterday afternoon. He was so much better and his new owners loved him on first sight! He looked just like the dog they used to have some years ago (who died of old age!).

All's well that ends well!

As for writing those groups, why don't we start a new thread about this in the SOS forum? This one is getting far too long...
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I'm so glad Dovik found a good home. Good for him and you.
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that is fantastic news!!!!

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God Bless You Anne,
You've brought tears of joy to my eyes...Your works will never go unnoticed.
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Yeah..he got a home!!! What a wonderful thing you did!!
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Yeah, Anne. I'm so glad for Dovik and thankful to you (and your family) for holding on to him until a good home could be found
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That is wonderful news!!!! Thank God there are loving and generous people like you.
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