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How concerned should I be?

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Hi I'm new here... I have two cats. One resident calico whom we have had for over 2 years, and one new adult cat who was introduced about 3 weeks ago.

The new kitty is about 5 years of age, give or take. This past Monday she was treated for hook worms and also given Amoxicillin because she had a little bit of trouble breathing (congestion). Well, come Wednesday night, I was up at 4 AM with her because she was sneezing and making an odd noise -- sounded like she was trying to clear the cogestion from her nose. So yesterday she went back to see the vet (ours was on vacation so she saw a different one within the practice). He said it may be allergies b/c she had not had a fever Monday or yesterday.

Today, she is much worse. She is still kind of playful. And by outward appearance looks healthy (eyes, coat). But her breathing has become much more congested. Her nose is runny, she blows bubbles with her left nostril it is so runny, but DISCHARGE IS CLEAR! I figured with an infection it would be colored?? Her appetite has been ok and she has been drinking a lot like usual. She drinks a heck of a lot more than our other cat ever did, but has since we've gotten her.

She tested negative in all the initial tests that the Vet gave her and received her vaccines three weeks ago. I'm really confused as to what this is! She's got yet another appt tomorrow morning! Our resident cat shows no symptoms of anything.
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maybe an upper resp. infection?
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thats what I thought but no fever and she's gotten a lot worse since starting the amox. Before we got her, her foster mom had her on Clavamox for 10 days for a similar thing. Thoughts?
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i dont think antibiotics do anything for a URI, they just stop any secondary infections that can arise from a weakend immune system.

my mikey was sneezing something wicked after he got back from his at the vet. I just watched him and feed him lots of wet food. figured it was a URI and read up on what to do. in a week it was gone. hes back to his old self.
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sounds like another trip to the vet is in order. Even if she's not running a fever now I would be concerned with what it could turn in to if her congestion's not managed right away. Have you tried a small bulb syringe to clear her nose? Poor baby, hope she feels better soon.
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yes just ran to the store to get a bulb syringe but she wants no part of it whatsoever. I tried a few times and then let her go back to sleep.

I'm very worried that this could be something serious or terminal. Please please tell me I'm crazy! I'm the most paranoid cat parent ever!

Like I said, she tested negative a few weeks ago when she had her vaccines. So there's no chance it could be FeLV or something, right? Plus, she originally was a stray but we got her from a PetSmart, so they would have tested her, too. The only reason I think about FeLV is because of her massive thirst!!

How concerned should I be? She's sleeping at my feet right now. Her breathing sounds a little better when she's sleeping.... more of a whistle than anything else. But when she's up and about you can really hear that congestion.
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I got the impression that the vet thought it was odd she didn't have a fever. Can they have a URI without a fever?
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Poor baby. Kudos to you for being right on top of it!

Have you checked the internet. This site is fantastic, but there are some other sites that are authored by vets. While they issue the disclaimer of not using their comments as diagnoses, they are able to go all over the map with possibilites.

There were a couple of interesting suggestions I just read. Number one has to do with her teeth. Apparently a significant tartar build-up can cause gum inflamation that could lead to sinus problems. The second has to do with a foreign object being in the cat's nose (tiny piece of grass, tiny stick, anything tiny actually).

Nasal discharge doesn't seem like it's something to ignore. I wouldn't give up until I had an answer. Maybe a second opinion is in order?
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Since she has an appointment tomorrow morning, I would sit with her in a steamed up bathroom for a bit to help loosen her congestion. When my kitties were congested in the past and tests could determine nothing, my vet told me to boil chicken with no flavorings and feed them along with the steamed shower.
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Well, the reason I'm so scared out of my mind is because of the internet! Hhahhah.... knowledge is dangerous! I've searched high and low and for whatever reason, my mind fixates of the worst case scenario. I think that is because she's a new cat and in the back of my mind I've always been afraid to introduce a new cat to our resident cat b/c of the risk of disease. So when the new kitty fell ill this week, my imagination just ran rampant!

I just came across someone's blog (amazingly enough!) that had to do with a feline URI... here is the link... one of the comments left for the author is pretty descriptive and it sounds like what my girl might have, symptom-wise. So I'm hoping. Here is the link to what I found...
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it sounds to me like uri, you just have to wait it out. hope its nothing more serious.
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Is the discharge one-sided or is it coming from both nostrils? If it comes from both nostrils, it is more likely to be a URI. URIs start as viral infections, and the mucus is usually clear. They can turn to bacterial infections, and that's when you get the yellow or green gunk. If you see blood, that could be a sign of a more serious emergency.

If it is one sided, it could be a foreign body, a tooth infection (especially in the upper teeth), a nasal polyp or nasal cancer. Again, I would be the most concerned if you see any blood.

Good luck!
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I first noticed the snot bubbles coming from her left nostril, but later last night I noticed it from the right as well. So it's both I think. Poor little thing! I can't stand it when a kitty is feeling badly and I can't help her! But when I checked on her in the middle of the night, she showed an interest in swatting at my pajama pant string, so I was elated! Still sounded pretty awful today but at least she hasn't completely lost all of her spunk!
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