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Favorite beauty stuff.

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I think it would be interesting and fun for us girly girls (or beauty-concious men) to share our favorite beauty products. I myself am a product junkie, but I do have some old stand-bys.

Shampoo & Conditioner- Pantene Pro V Daily Moisture Renewal shampoo and conditioner.
Facial Cleanser-Cetaphil Gentle Facial Cleanser.
Facial Moisturizer- Olay Complete with SPF 15 during the day, Nivea Cream (yes, the stinky one in the blue tin) at night...I smmmeeaaarrrrrrr this on at night.
Shower Gel/Soap- I LOVE Bath & Body Works shower gels...but when I need to get el-cheapo, I'm digging on SoftSoap's Pomegranite & Mango Body Wash.
Body Lotion- Nivea Enriched Body Lotion, Bath and Body Works (love Moonlight Path), Tutti Dolce's Creme Brulee body butter.
Makeup- A bit of powder over my moisturizer, mascara, and clear lip gloss (Kiehl's #1 lip balm).

Let's here how the rest of you stay lovely!!! Hey, some of us have to work harder than others!!!
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I don't use anything exciting. I will say though that witch hazel is the best toner ever. (keep it away from the kitties though!).
I love Suave body wash, I have used the Sweet Pea and Violet one for a long time now. Suave and Dove are my favorites, being poor and whatnot, but they work just as well as the products they knock off.

My one splurge is the Aveda chapstick. It's worth every penny.
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hair:dove product line
face:nivea or bore

Not wearing as much makeup as i did when i was a teenager. I find a good eyebrow wax, some mascara and a little eye liner is enough and powder my nose every now and then is good enough
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Brief story.
When I was around 15 my Mother took me to the cosmetic counter in our department store and began teaching me about Clinique products- this would have been around 1969.

I have used Clinique products all my like (just skin care, not makeup) and honestly- I'm 52 and spend an extraordinary amount of time in the sun and I haven't a wrinkle yet. I don't have crows feet, or frown lines- nothing, and I very rarely use any sunscreen.
I can sometimes see where wrinkles will be, but am remarkably well preserved.

So in my case at least, I have found Clinique really effective.
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Makeup:CoverGirl,mascara: Maybelline & CoverGirl
Shampoo: Marc Anthony's THICK
Makeup Remover:Pond's Cold Cream
Hair Stuff: Depends on my mood to be shaggy,curly or relaxed curls:Got2B
Curled Up,Kicked Back Hard Gel ,Liquid Texture/Fiber .VO5 Play It Again Putty,Got2B Spiking Gel
Soap: Safeguard & Bath & Bodyworks Cucumber/Melon Body wash
Body Splash:Bath & Body Works Cucumber/Melon
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I love The Body Shop "Body Butter" I have all the scents.
For makeup I use Bare Minerals. Love it!
Suave shampoo, just as good as Pantaine to me.
I really like Victorias Secrect Body spray in Pear (on days that I don't use the Body Butter of course!)
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I always use cheap products.
I use just a basic pink eyeshadow (from dollar store or walmart ) and if I'm feeling froggy I will wear a shimmery white eyeshadow.
A mauve blush (dollar store again)
Revelon black eyeliner
No lipstick
and Coty loose powder foundation.

I dont care for liquid foundations. They make me feel "painted"
I also don't use mascara.

I'm the laziest person when it comes to washing my face. Most of the time I'm too tired to wash off my makeup before bed. And Dh wonders why my pillow looks like the Mary-Kay lady blew up on it?

My mom bought me a whole line of expensive face washes and lotions and stuff... I don't use em and I'm lucky, I don't breakout much...
I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion on my face EVERY day too

Edit: I use NOTHING but Aussie Hair Products!
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Hair - John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse (I love the smell of these products!!)
Body - Softsoap's Pure Cashmere Body Wash (Again, the scent is heavenly) and Shower-To-Shower Bath Powder's Fresh Scent
Face - No makeup, EVER. Noxema's Facial Cleansing Discs, Arbonne's Daily Moisturizer
Fragrance - Nettie Rubenstein's Odalisque

With the exception of not being able to wear makeup (I have rosacea and it irritates my skin to wear any cosmetics) I am such a Barbie Doll kind of girl!
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Hair-I would prefer to use all Aveda stuff but I don't like the price so its just the witch haze hair spray for now-pantene brunette color shampoo/conditioner.
Lotions: face I have oil of olay but I mainly use all origins products
Makeup-whats that???!!!!! I have aveda blush, some brand I bought a kohls, all sorts of brands of the other stuff which I now rarely wear.
I like Eucerin cream, I mentioned in another thread I just started using flexitol on the bottoms of my feet-its AMAZING the difference once a day for one week, many of my cracks are gone, smoother skin-can I say amazing!!!
For misc stuff I use a brand made by an herbalist lady in North Freedom, WI called Natures Acres-the facial toner, herb salve, linament are very good products as well as her bath salts.
Perfume-stilllike Seringa by Floris the best.
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Hair - Matrix Sleek or Biosilk Silk Therapy & once a week I use Marc Anthony frizz smoothing mask
Lotions - Aveeno daily moisturiser or Body Shop Body Butter for non perfumed days - they smell yummy
Most of my bath/shower stuff is Body Shop or Lush
Feet - the whole Avon FootWorks collection
Facial stuff - L'oreal Pure Zone cleanser/astringent/toner
MakeUp - BodyShop tinted moisturiser, most eyeshadow is l'oreal or almay, lip gloss or tint and mascara - most of the makeup is Avon, L'oreal or Almay

Fragrances - we will go with the top 3 at the moment
Hugo Boss - Deep Red
Lacoste - Touch of Pink
Givenchy - Very Irresistable
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I am a Noxema junkie. My mother swore by it and I have used it since I was 12 or so, everyday. I leave it on until it dries out. I think I've had a total of 7 zits my entire life. My mom can remember only having 3.
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Wow!! You read my mind- i soooo thought about starting a thread like this today! Hehehe i love your thread! Let's see, my favs are as follows:

-Leave in Conditioner- Aussie's Dual Personality- leave-in-conditioner & anti frizz cream.
-Shampoo/Conditioner- Herbal Essences,Suave, & Neutrogena Stubborn Itch Control when i need it( i can only use certain shampoos w/o setting my scalp in an itch frenzy )
-Deep Conditioner Treatment- Pantene Pro-V, or I'll make my own
-Nail Polish- It's a tie between Sally Hansen's Diamond Line & Finger Paints
-Razor- When i'm in a hurry- Shick Intuition, when i want a great shave- Skick Quattro
-Face Wash- Oil of Olay Cleanser & Toner- it doesn't irritate my skin at all
-Face Scrub- St. Ives Apricot Scrub
-Body Wash- Caress Glowing Touch- it's my fav body wash!!! i like dove nutrium too.
-Body Scrub- Bath & Body Works- Need a Margarita? - it rocks!!! i only buy it 2x a year when it's on sale though. When i run out- i use Sugar to exfoliate my skin, it's cheap, and i always have it in my kitchen
-Eye Liner- Wet n' Wild
- Loofa- one of the polka dotted Target brand ones
-Face Wipes- walmart brand
- Nightly Face Cream- Ponds- dry skin
-Daily Moisturizer w/ Spf- Dove dail moisturizer w/ spf 15 (i wear sunscreen over it too though because spf 15 isn't enough to protect skin from sun exposure)
-Deoderant- Certain Dry- it's incredable!!! My arm pits don't sweat at all now- no stains, no odor, no nothing- it rocks!!! It's $4 @ wal-mart and lasts a long time.
-Under Eye Corrector- Cover Girl (yellow corrector)
-Facial Masques- I make my own or buy the little Strawberry ones from wal-mart- they're awesome and around $1
-Body Lotion- Victorias Secret, Bath & Body Works, Walmart Body Butter
-Hand Soap- Bath & Body Works foaming soap- country apple
-Body Spray- Lux (target brand)
-Perfume- Chanel Chance, Angel Innocence, Angel, Beyond Paradise....
-Shaving Cream- Edge Pro Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin- men's shaving cream works awesome and it smells like man!!! MMMMMMM!!!!
-Makeup- Merle Norman cream foundation(everything else breaks out my skin )
-Powder- Neutrogena Mineral Powder- it's new, but it's awesome!!!
-Sunscreen- Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion Spf 45- i wear it EVERYDAY!!!!! I try to really take good care of my skin to prevent skin cancer
-Eyeshadow- Revlon's line of ColorStay eyeshadow, Cover girl
-Lip Gloss- Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystals!!! Blistex, Lip Smackers,Bonne Bell, MAC, Bath & Body Works,Tutti Dolce, The Body Shop....- I love my lip gloss!!!!
-Blush- Cover Girl (brick rose) , Maybelline- dream mousse blush(pink frosting)
- Eye Makeup Remover- Baby Oil !!! It works better than the expensive stuff and it's less than a dollar
- Mascara- hehe my fav thing ever!!! L'Oreal Volume Shocking & Maybelline Volume Express I love mascara!!!
-Lipstick- Cover Girl, Maybelline, Este Lauder,whatever's on sale- i like lip gloss better.
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Shampoo & Conditioner- tressemee for normal hair
Facial Cleanser-neutragena clarifying daily, pore refining toner, clean & clear wtih sacylic acid
Facial Moisturizer- neutrogena something with spf 15
Shower Gel/Soap- dove soap and I change my shower gel whenever possible. Lately it's whatever DH picked out though.
Body Lotion- suave cocoa butter or suave vitamine e
Makeup- mica mascara, 2 shades of eyeshadow (champagne fizz and Real Java) with a charcoal eyeliner, and blushing peach blush from physicians formula.
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Shampoo & Conditioner: Redken All Soft, with biweekly use of Regis Olive Oil Leave In Conditioner Gel.
Styling: Short Sexy Hair styling gel
Facial Cleanser: Oat cleanser for oily skin from B&BW
Facial Moisturizer: Moisturizing Cream for Oily Skin from Arbonne
Make up: Bare Minerals
Lip balm: Crazy Rumors "Brew" lip balm in Ginger Peach
Shower Gel: Victoria's Secret "Endless Love". Also body cream and body splash in the same scent, it smells divine.

And for special occasions, my perfume is Romance by Ralph Lauren.
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