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job hunting sucks!

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I absolutely hate this! I'm looking at ones that I find interesting and ones that I think I'd enjoy. I mainly want to get into clerical/office positions, but am having no luck...... I've even looked at the banking idustry (members rep, etc). because that sounds like a fine job to me. The only thing is that they dont show how much they pay! Or.... they want you to have experience. Well, where the heck do you get the experience from? I wish whoever I apply for would not look at Motorola as my job.... why cant they look at my computer experience?

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Sorry you are having such a rough time with your job search. I hear people all the time on my job with complaints about employer expectations. All I can suggest is in your cover letter strees what computer experience you do have and indicate how willing you are to learn.
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Cause the industry sucks, and naturally its hard as heck to find a job, unless you've got 'the hook up'.

I've been trying since Sept. to get another 'good' job. I had a stupid job placement company (clearical/computer work) for a month, but they ran out of business when 9/11 happened. I got a small pet sitting job in Jan/Feb (only about $200) a week. I apply to at least 30 places a month, I have nicely done resumes and I'm not an asshole, but I still just don't have a good job!

Welcome to the world I hate so much.
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I dont know if I should've done this, but I took off the production part for Motorola and just left the data entry skills. Do you think that would be ok, and if I do get an interview, then let them know? I have a gut feeling that that is what they are looking at, unfortunately
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Tigger and Angel - I understand your frustration. I was let go right before 9/11, and that really sucked. I was putting out 20-30 resumes a week, and getting 3-5 calls back from those. I guess that was pretty good, considering. Anyway, I ended up taking a job that was way below what I am qualified for just so I could pay the bills. It turned out to be not too bad.

Tigger, I would at least keep Motorola on your resume as your last job. They really won't look at it if it looks like you haven't worked in years. I agree with Ady - put your computer skills as a strong point in your cover letter, and obviously stress them in your resume. I wonder if it would be OK to list your skills first, then later in the resume put your employment history? Anyone have any thoughts on that??
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Actually, I have my computer skills listed first I just got off the phone with one of the employment services (Stivers) that I registered with..... The girl that I interviewed with said it was ok for me to take the production part off if it isn't related to clerical jobs.
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Good luck with job hunting! I know I absolutely hated hunting for jobs and it seemed like I sent out endless cover letters and posted my resume at alot of places. Just keep doing it and eventually, you'll get a job that you want. Have you tried looking for any jobs where you work from home? Someday I want to work from home, as a virtual receptionist or something. Keep us updated on the search!
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About the work-from-home jobs.... are they legit? Arent those the ones where you have to go out and get your own clients?
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Tigger- I am with you on the job hunting. Last Monday, I faxed about 10 resumes and haven't gotten a call. Today, i went to the local job service and got more leads. I will investigate them during the week.
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nena, Good luck with finding a job!
I called the one that I'm registered at ((Stivers) and she was saying another that is that a lot of employers could be intimidated by bigger corporations such as Motorola because they pay so well.... And, Motorola does pay good..... they have you right where they want you, which is sad to say about them. They know they've got you.
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Hang in there! I know it is easier said than done, but I am sure you will find something soon!! Good luck!
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Originally posted by Tigger
I dont know if I should've done this, but I took off the production part for Motorola and just left the data entry skills. Do you think that would be ok, and if I do get an interview, then let them know? I have a gut feeling that that is what they are looking at, unfortunately
That is fine - you can always tailer your resume to the specific job you are applying for as long as you don't put things on there that you haven't done!
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The problems you have been running into are everywhere - it's not just you. But one thing I do know that any sort of job in banking, especially at the branch level pays nothing - ugh - I was also interested in a customer service position a Bank in my area had open - but the pay was so low it I could not have met my bills.

I want to wish you all the best in your job hunt - I'll cross my fingers for you..
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If you don't mind me asking, how much do they start people out at? Is it over $11.00/hr? The least I can take is $12.00, and that's even cutting it
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The annual was around $21,000. So if you divide that into 52 weeks and then by a 40hr. work week that would turn into $10.09 per hr.

All I could do was shake my head. Again just hang in there - you'll be fine!!
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I am looking for either a entry-level receptionist position or an inbound customer service rep in a call center. I am not too picky. I know with my experience as a receptionist, I can probably earn $7.00 to $8.00 an hour to start. For the customer service, I'd say between $8.00 to $10.00. When my job at Teltrust closed, I was earning $9.00 after working there for three years. I think for me the pay is the second most important. The first is a successful company with no records of downsizing or anything like that. I know to find a job that will last me until I retire is not possible with today's economy. But I've known people who stay with their jobs for a long time. I want to be one of them.
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With your skills, you should be able to find a higher paying job. Have you registered at one of the temp agencies? Receptionists and call center jobs usually pay above $10.00/hr or atleast that is what they are paying in AZ!
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No. With receptionist or office jobs, I just finished training for the software and office procedures. So I am entry-level. I am not sure what they pay for entry-level positions. I guess I can try temps. I am just so anxious for a fulltime job so I can start saving and paying off things.
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Go to these ones. I use them to find jobs:
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Alicia - the other good thing about using temp services is that you gain experience, even if it isn't at a permanent position. Any experience is helpful. Who knows, you may even get a permanent position through a temp-to-hire. I got my first admin job as a kind of fluke with a temp agency. I was on a temp assignment for a woman on maternaty leave. When she decided to stay home with her baby, they kept me since I already knew the basics of the company.
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What exactly do you do as an admin assistant? The reason I ask is because I'm looking to do that. I have the clerical skills... Do you usually support a manager or something?
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Have you tried posting your resume on any of the online job banks like monster.com? I know there are a lot of them, and my husband used these when he was looking about 18 months ago. He's in a different industry, but there must be some that specialize in the type of work you're looking for. I believe it's free to post your resume; the companies have to pay to view them. Also, send your resume to more than one recruiter. My husband had like 5 looking for him, and eventually he got a job.
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I have only worked with small companies, 10-25 employees. In those, there have usually been 2 admin assistants working in the company. One has the main responsibilities of answering the phones, and the other responsibilities are split between the two as far as paperwork, organization, word processing, office manager stuff (ordering supplies, working with building management and repair people) according to time and skills. In my previous position, at a real estate appraisal firm, I did all the editing on the appraisals (50-300 page documents), keeping our documents up to date with the real estate market, organization for filing and keeping track of all that paper, and office manager duties. In this position, at an engineering firm, I answer the phones, edit the specifications, and keep everything stocked for day-to-day office use. Of course, there is also taking care of the emergencies that pop up daily in any admin position.

At all the positions I have held, there has been a lot of word processing, letter writing, filling out forms of varying types, mail, faxing, filing, and general organization.
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One way to get some experience is to volunteer to do clerical work several hours a week at a place like Planned Parenthood or a charitable organization. Places like this do use volunteers and this experience could be added to your resume.

The Mayo Clinic does do some on-the-job training. If you live anywhere near Scottsdale where their satelite clinic is, you could check to see if this type of opportunity exists out there too.

Good Luck!
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I'm with you, Tigger and Angel. I am also job hunting, which is great fun (NOT).

Nena - you do not want to work in a call-centre - I have just escaped from one - they are soul-destroying torture chambers that suck your brains out and leave you an empty shell. I suffered years of being sworn at, abused, threatened - and that was just from the management! (he he)

I have a similar problem to Tigger - I used to work for a company that paid so much more than anyone else (which is why they had to get rid of 1500 of us), plus I'd been there for so many years that I am looking at similar level roles at 50% less than my final salary and this puts employers off. I had to beg a local company to invite me to an interview - they told me they thought I would leave after a few months because of the money - I convinced them that "money is not an issue, the right role and company are the important factors".

I've had two interviews this week - one went well, but the other I completely lost it and embarressed myself with my ineptitude - keep your fingers crossed for me this week.

I am also fed up with being a "corporate whore" and am seeking roles within non-profit making organisations (charities, local government etc).

Let us know how things are going - I am keen to celebrate everyone's successes on the job front
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I hate interviews, too .......... Some of the questions they ask you..... Like: why do you want this job? Now, what the heck are you supposed to say? Honestly? I've been looking at jobs that sound like they would interest me and where I put my computer skills to work ...... I hate being caught off guard, too.
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I hate when interviewers think that you are not interested or motivated unless you show a lot of emotion. When I was interviewing for my present job, my boss was a little concerned that I wasn't jumping up and down with excitement about the projects in the lab. Well, it is a new area of research for me,and no one is as enthusiastic as he is! Luckily, I was able to convince him that I really was interested, and I'm very happy with my choice (and his).
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Yes, interviews have become very wierd since I was last looking for a job.

The most unusual questions I've been asked are:

"Describe your circle of friends" - what is that in aid of? To show that you have got friends?

"What is your favourite joke?" - my response was - what is brown and sticky? A stick. Let's just say I didn't get that job.
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My husband's cousin applied for a 9-1-1 dispatcher and she said they asked her if she had had sex with an animal! Now, tell me........ what relevance does that have to do with a 911 dispatcher? She thought maybe it had to do with what type of person you are..... They also asked her what her sexual history was! I guess she took the polygraph, too!
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I have worked for a call center before and I actually enjoyed it. I worked for a third-party verificatin company. This company verifies information for people who want to change their long distance service.
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