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Suggestions for kittens

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As most of you know, I am an expectant mother (ooopppsss), Tammy is the expectant mother, and as soon as possible, I will have her spayed.

What is my responsibility to the kittens? I plan to give them awayand stress that they need to spayed and/or neutered, but is that MY responsibility?

I wonder if I would be contributing to the overpopulation if I didn't spay/neuter, but by the same token, I won't have the resources (this was NOT planned), and I would feel that the new owners would have that responsibility.

What do you all think, please?
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My honest opinion, both in terms of your own responsibility, and your own future worries/guilt, is get them spayed. Find a low cost clinic and have them spayed/neutered.

When you are adopting them out, it is a good idea anyway to set a small fee (to discourage those whose motives are not pure, among other things) for adopting each kitten. Going on figures I've seen on this site, anywhere from $30-$100 might be fair, depending on where you live - and this is mostly to cover sp/n fees (sometimes also vaccines, particularly for shelters).

So please sp/n at a low cost and use that as a guide to your adoption fee. That way, you are taking responsibilty for ensuring that it is done, and the adoptor is taking responsibility financially. If they aren't willing to pay a small fee to adopt a sp/n cat, would they really have gone and done it themselves?
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You can have an agreement where they choose the kitten, then you drop them off at the vet of their choice, and they pick them up after the surgery, and pay the bill. Another option would be to call local rescue groups, and let them know you found a preggers kitty. Let them know you intend to spay the Mom, but would like to relinquish the kittens when they are 10 weeks old. Then the rescue would pay for the vet costs, and filter the adoptive parents. Also, then the kittens would have more people looking to adopt.

However, as it is the height of kitten season, the rescues may be overwhelmed with kittens right now.
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