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kitty has moist eye with puss

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it looks ok except for the discharge. the puss is creme colored, and otherwise grey kitt looks fine, acts fine. is there a standard antibiotic i should apply for this sort of thing?
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I would get your kitty into the vet's and have the eye looked at. If it is an infection your veterinarian should prescribe some oitment or drops. If not an infection she could have gotten something in her eye or scratched the lens.

Until you get an appointment you can gently wipe away the discharge with a warm damp cloth. I'd steer clear of human eye drops and over the counter meds untill the cause of the problem is addressed.
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Sorry to hear about your cat.I like to apply a herbal Eye Compress.All you need is some dried eyewash herb of choice,I like Goldenseal about 1 teaspoon and 1 pint of water.Simmer the herb in the water for about 10 minutes.Allow the infusion to cool to a comfortable temperature.Soak a clean cloth in the infusion.Wring it out.Apply the warm wet compress to your cat's eyefor 10 minutes,about 4 to 6 times a day.Always be careful when using warm liguids around cat's eyes;the skin isof the eyelid is thin and tender and can burn easily.I have seen some eyewashes for cats and they are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.There is a company called Halo who sells the eyewash.It is a herbal mixture and it works great.https://www.halopets.com/eyewash.htm
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thanks for your timely reply. i was hoping it was common enough that there was an easier "trier" to start ( like when you have a headache, you take some aspirin. later you may consult a doctor when it doesn't go away).

appreciate it!

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