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Bloody Stools

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I've taken my cat to the vet several times over the course of the last three months to find a solution to her bloody stool problem. He has tested her for worms and a few other things and says that she is fine. I've changed her cat food a half a dozen times and still no change. Does anyone have any suggestions? She seems to be alright other wise.
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Is the blood bright red or does it appear tarry and black? How old is your cat? No other symptoms like fatigue, losing weight, loss of appetite, vomitting or diarrhea?

It may very well be nothing but at the same time it could represent something a little more serious. Has your vet run blood tests on your kitty?
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The blood always seems to appear bright red, and she rarely covers it in her litter box if there is blood in it. If it is a normal stool she'll cover it. She is about 6 months old. She has no other symptoms. She seems totally fine other than the stools. The vet did a blood test before he spayed her a couple of months ago and said all was good.
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By the tests already run and her age most causes can be ruled out but one thing that can cause this is a dietary intolerance. What type of food do you have her on now? Wet or dry? If wet food is given just be sure not to leave it out all day because it can spoil quickly and can cause this.

You can try and have a food allergen test run because if she's allergic to particular protein or any additives in the food, that would cause the blood to appear in her stool.

There isn't anything missing around the house they she might have eaten?
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She's on dry cat food right now. I've tried several different brands of kitten food, dry and wet and there didn't seem to be any improvement. I've got her on Kitten Kaboodle right now which is more of the moist dry cat food. My next resort is to try Purina One, Science Diet or Eukanuba, the only problem with that is those are very expensive foods. I will talk to my vet about a possible allergy. Nothing is missing, she's really great about keeping out of stuff that she shouldn't be into. She isn't as curious as the last cat I had. She seems to know and understand her bounderies. I keep all of my dish washing soap and household cleaning products locked up because I have a (more curious than the cat) 10 month old.
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I had the same problems as you and did the whole testing and nothing, then switched Loki to Science Diet for sentsitive stomachs and all was well for about 6 months. Then the whole thing started again - the only thing that returned his stool back to normal was by adding fiber to his diet. Might want to run this by your VET - i am currently adding just a little Psyllium to his wet food 2x a day and everything is happy happy for the moment.

Let me guess - her stools is fine in the beginning , a little soft at the end and that is where the bright red blood is, right?
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Yes! That is exactly it! I will have to run that by my vet and see what he says. Thank you to the people who replied with their ideas. I will update you on what I find out.
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The problem is that your feeding your cat a cat food that is full of dyes. The super premium foods might cost more but they are very good for your cat if you want her to be a healthy cat. Do this and she will love you a long time.
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The very first kitten foods I had her one were neutral colored and had no added color. The only food that she has had with different colors is this kitten kaboodle. But, I will run that by my vet also.
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Hey Sparkycat:

Was wondering how he is doing? What did the Vet say?
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Added the fibre and so far so good!! Keeping our fingers crossed!
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Yeah - I am so relieved for you! I purchase the Psyllium caplets from GNC (called Fingerprint)I use about 1/2 caplet in the AM and about 1/2 caplet in the PM. This is the dosage that works great for Loki (he is beltween 10-11 Lbs).

I believe the loose powdered version is much more powerful and even less in needed.

I'll turn myself into a prezel for you - I know when I finally found Psyllium and it worked so well for my boy the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.
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