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Tinkerbelle had an epileptic fit!

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As I explained in the Pregnancy forum, my pregnant (early days) cat Tinkerbelle had a fit this afternoon...i've just come home from the vet and in a state of shock as it was the most horrifying thing I've seen to do with a cat..ever....especially when you don't know what is going on.

She was violently sick, then started to howl so loud (this continued for about 40 minutes), urinated herself all over the carpet and her breathing was quite erratic. To those whose cat(s) have had a fit...are these the classic symptoms of epilepsy? I havent had the chance to do any research on it yet.

I thought that she was having a miscarriage or had been poisoned, but the vet said it was the symptoms of a fit. No bleeding from anywhere and no other liquid coming out of her except for urine.

A shot of valium and a pain killer later, she is resting...sleepy and quiet and her breathing is calm.

Need to see what she is like in 3-4 hours time when she wakes up....if she starts again, it could be something else? If anyone has any ideas when they are reading this...please comment (i won't become paranoid and think she's dying!)..its just good to know what to look out for.

The vet was quite calm about it and diagnosed it as a likely fit as soon as he saw her. I know he's the expert. Just concerned its something worse than that?

Its quite touching actually...her daughter, Amelia, who looks the spit of her is cuddled up to her cleaning her and comforting her. Cats must know.

To Tinkerbelle - be ok when you wake up...I love you so much my princess x
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Hope she is OK when she wakes up.
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Prayers and vibes to Tinkerbelle.
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Just been reading some threads about epilepsy... some cats have had multiple seizures in the space of a short time.

I hope Tink will be ok.

Vet said if it is epilepsy, 'she'll just have a fit every year or five' need for medication, like its a common disorder.

Some threads on here suggest otherwise (some long-named drug beginning with a 'P' has been given to some cats).

Guess we need to see if this is a one off or not.

Im so worried.

Someone in a thread on epilepsy talked about it being so scary. My God, it is. That howling was just awful.
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Tinkerbelle, please be ok when you wake up! Your meowmy loves you very much and wants you to be healthy and happy!
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i hope tinkerbell is fine, ill keep her in my prayers
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I don't believe it. Gizmo has just been sick other symptoms.

Wonder if there is something in their food? They have not been outside. What I have given them to eat and their food bowls is fine. Both vaccinated and had a clear bill of health from the vet THREE days ago.

The cats are hardly ever sick.

One cat having a suspected epilepsy fit (whose symptoms started with vomiting)...another vomiting.

What is going on?

Going to log off and see what is happening with these cats.
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Hmm does sound like its poisoning of some sort if your cat had just had a clean bill of health 4 days earlier...then 2 cats appear to be sick. Feline seizures can be very strange. They can be anything from running in circles, running into walls, to full out convulsions. My girl Hope had seizures where she just lost her motor functions and muscle control, not extreme though..

Yours sound very much like something environmental. Have you used any new cleaners lately, ones with bleach or ammonia? What about bug control? Any bugs or plants they might have gotten a hold of?

Edit: Epilepsy in feline terms means "seizures of unkown nature." Alls it means is your cat is seizuring and they don't know why. So I wouldn't get to worried right off of this being a long term condition, it might take time but you might be able to isolate the cause.
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By way of update...Tinkerbelle is 'waking up' from the valium and has a ferocious appetite! She has eaten well and is resting..a bit wobbly on her legs though.

Having researched on the net - her symptoms are those of a seizure, I would say in agreement with the vet - no clue about the cause. A few of you have mentioned poisoning. That is a cause of seizure apparently. Though I cant think what has poisoned her. All the toilet lids are kept down...she has no access to the kitchen (where chemicals are stored) and has not been outside.

Its quite scary the list of things that do cause a seizure....including FIV, FeLV etc. Can also be due to a physical injury......when she was on heat the neighbours did say that she was jumping everywhere trying to get out of the house? But that was about 1 month ago.

I'm guessing at all sorts.

Gizmo seems ok. Im thinking (hoping) his sickness earlier was due to over eating kitten left overs which I caught him doing...He does vomit from time to time (furballs, grass if he's let outside, over-eating) and I'm hoping its just a coincidence.
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Minxie,I'm so sorry to hear about Tinkerbell and Gizmo

Sending many {{{{health vibes }}}}for them both

Is it possible they could have come into contact with toxic flowers or Plants?

You can find more info on toxic plants here

If What Gizmo 'brought up' was undigested food it's quite likely that he has just overeaten and regurgitated what his stomach couldn't hold.

How are they both today?

I hope they are ok.
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I'm so sorry to hear Tinkerbelle!!! Poor baby That's lovely that your other kitty was comforting her, how beautiful

Good luck, and keep us updated!
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I am soo sorry to read about TInkerbelle, but don't get too worried. Squeeker too seziures and I used to think seizuring in kitties was a very bad sign, but now that I know more it is very treatable. I am using 2 types of anticonvulsants-one is Phenobarbital and the other is Clonazipam, both are effective but I would wonder how safe they are since she is pregnant. I am wondering if it may just be a case of low blood sugar since she is pregnant. If blood sugar is low it can cause seizures, same in people and women get gestational diabetes, maybe this is the case. Did your vet do any bloodwork to see?? I am sending good vibes your way and hopefully the other poor kitty just has an upset tummy.
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Sending good vibes Tinkerbell's way! Hope she's ok and that the seizure was a one off.
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Thanks for all your good vibes! Seems to be paying off..

Tinkerbelle has been fine since Friday night, after she eventually woke up from the valium. A little quieter maybe? I'm observing her still. Gizmo has been his ordinary self.

In reply to some questions raised....

1) whether they have come into contact with toxic plants? They were indoors all Friday. Tinkerbelle is permanently indoors these days. And I dont have plants in the house.

2) Bloodwork ? No not yet...the vet said that if the seizures continue or if Tinkerbelle starts showing other symptoms then he'll will arrange for her blood to be examined.
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