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radio question for the day: 08/04/06

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Are you handier in the kitchen or toolshed?
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Are you handier in the kitchen or toolshed?
I help my mom in the Kitchen!
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Neither well....if I had to pick one I'd say the kitchen (I'm sure Jeff would not agree though)
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The kitchen..As for the toolshed..Heck, I don't even know how to put pictures up
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The kitchen, I guess, although I'm pretty handy in the toolshed, too. I've lived on my own for a while, away from parents and boyfriend, so I had to learn to be able to cook my own meals and fix my own stuff. Cooking is easy if you're willing to experiment and are prepared to make mistakes (it took me more than twenty years to figure that one out, and now I'm proud to say that I rock in the kitchen), and my basic philosophy with regards to fixing stuff is that I can't screw up anything so badly that a trained professional can't fix it -- might as well give it a go myself first!

Ummm, it make be important to note that I take a very laissez faire view to most household "chores."
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Kitchen! I'm not too bad with tools either
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I cook better than I am with tools. I do neither very well!
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The kitchen by far. I couldn't hammer a nail if my life was at stake!
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I think i'm better in the kitchen but that's not saying much!
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The kitchen without a doubt! I always manage to injure myself when working with tools
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Kitchen I'm proud to say I'm a very good cook. Both Mike & I have the tummys to prove it.
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I'm a good cook, but I'm good with tools too.....but if I have to pick, I'll say Kitchen since I cook more than I fix!
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I'm equally handy in both!
Having 4 brothers is pretty handy......sometimes
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Definately the kitchen. Tom still makes fun of me, cause I didn't have a drill bit and wanted to use his drill gun to make a hole in the ceiling for Jazzy's canopy, so I took a screw & put it in where you put the drill bit, and tightened it around the screw. It worked. I had my hole started, but the hook for the canopy was smaller than I thought and it came right back out. Soooo, I got some gorilla glue & squeeze it up in the hole, and held the hook there till it dried! Never under estimate the power of a determined woman!
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yeah! we woman are strong!!
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By far, the kitchen!! But I can find my way around the toolshed if I HAVE to.
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By far the kitchen, but I'm reasonably competent at general fixit stuff. I lived on my own for long enough and don't do "helpless" very well. Rob's the same in the opposite direction, which makes us a great team -- we each do the things we enjoy doing, but can do the others, so have a real appreciation for what's involved in them.
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The kitchen but I can find my way in & out of the toolshed & can use the tools in it pretty well,too.
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Well being a "home ec" major way back when in college and being married to an amatuer/hobbyist woodworker I pretty good doing both.
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I think I can throw my weight pretty good in either. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a kid so I've been around a workshop and kitchen a few times I'd say.
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I help my mom in the kitchen.
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