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I really need some advice and vibes!

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My 15 year old kitty, Beamer has had neurological issues in his back end for about a year now. He kind of drags his back legs and frequently loses his balance. I have had to wrestle with chronic urinary tact infections due to this issue as well. I have had him to 2 different vets and the diagnosis is the same…there is nothing that they can do to fix the problem. He also cannot feel his bladder and bowels and I have to give him medication to empty him out. Over the last month or so I have noticed him stumbling more, and sometimes when he does he will just drag himself by his front legs to get where he wants to go because he cannot get back up. He also cannot make it to the litter box and when he gets his medication I either have to follow him around for the next couple of hours to make sure he does not go on the floor or put him on his leash outside and let him get it out of his system out there. After the medication does its job, there are no more accidents. I am struggling with the terrible decision of whether or not to have him PTS.
My problem is, he is eating well, and is generally a very happy guy. He is not in pain, it is numbness. I do not want him to lose his dignity, I can tell it bothers him, he gets frustrated. I find myself constantly watching for him to have an accident and it is stressing me out. I feel like if I do have him PTS I am killing my best friend! He had a couple of bad days, and when I think that maybe it would be better he does one of those special little things that the healthy Beamer would do, like suck my hair , give me a hug, and beg for his treats. I do notice him spending more time alone, but not the hiding stuff that they normally do when they are ready to go. I keep praying that he will improve, but he doesn’t.
Long story short, his mind is all there but is body is failing him.
If you were in my situation, what would you do?
This is weighing on me very heavily; I want to do what is best for him and put my feelings aside. I do plan on speaking with the vet and get his input once again. I cry every time I think about it.
(Sorry this is so long…..)
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You says he is eating well.. meds help but are a pain for a few hours...

Personally I think I would attempt to find a feline specialist and a animal accupucturist ....
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I don't have a lot of advice, but I want to let you know that I can really understand how heavily this is weighing on you since I also have an older cat.

Snowball will be 15 years old next month. If he developed the same type of problem that Beamer has, I would probably talk to my vet and get his advice on what the best thing to do is. This is a decision only you can make and I will definitely keep both you and Beamer in my thoughts and prayers.
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Meds help with the elimination problem but not the leg dragging and balance. The last vet I seen is an accupuncturist. That was one of my questions....
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I know they make diapers for small dogs. Perhaps you could try using those so that the stress of following him around after his medication is reduced? Do they know what's causing the numbness? Is it saddle thrombosis or some type of nerve damage?
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well My Kandie is 18 and has some rear issues ( not box ones) and she has gotten accupucture for a few weeks and is much better ... Try to find a regular vet that has some understanding of the holistic sciences
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I don't have any advice but I have lots and lots of good vibes and prayers for you and Beamer!
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Well, I spoke to my vet/accupuncturist.
He said that if accupuncture helped at all it would be only for a short time and that I should really consider his welfare in this. He is bad today and now I am starting to think that he has pain as he tried to claw me when I got too close to his back side. This is really killing me inside, I am trying to look at this in his best interest. If he gets any worse I do not think that I can put him through anymore. Please do not think that I am taking this lightly, he is my best friend! I would go to any inconvenience if I thought that it would help. I am going to monitor him through the week and unless I see an improvement I'm afraid that I am going to make that horrible decision that we all dread. The only comfort that I can find in this is that he had a wonderful 15 years with much love and care, and there are so many precious kitties that never had a good life. He will go to the rainbow bridge knowing how much he was loved, I'll be sure of that!!! It just not seem fair, but no matter how much it hurts I knew that he would not outlive me and some day I would have to let him go. I would not trade the years I had with him. I've been down this road before and it never gets any easier.
I will update as I know more, I cannot even see to type anymore through my tears.
Thaks for the vibes, I really need to find some strength!
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Sorry you're having a rough time and facing that awful decision of whether you should have your cat pts Only you really know your cat and can determine whether he's suffering or not. I know you'll make the right decision and do what's right for your boy at this time - good luck and we're all thinking of you.
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A lot of us been where you are now and you are right, it doesn't get any easier. Thinking of you.
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