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What's for dinner?

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Yeah, I know, it's early

I need to clean out my freezer to make room for a couple gallons of homemade spaghetti sauce.
So I pulled out a 4 pound rump roast last night.
Perfect since the weather cooled and I don't cook on the weekends, this should last us until Monday.

I threw it in my slow cooker with some beef stock, lots of garlic, a couple onions, baby carrots, red potatoes, mushrooms, and fresh herbs from my garden (oregano, sweet basil and chives), and a family sized can of cream of mushroom soup.

I know that the smell is going to start getting to me around 3pm.
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Sounds good maybe I'll be able to smell it around 3 I can't think about dinner right yet, I just ate a bowel of frosted flakes The sugar is trying to get to me about now and in a few hours I'll be depressed because the sugar will be gone, I'm going to make a roast this weekend, hubby works swing shift and he's off for 4 days I like to cook something good when he's home. When he's working who wants to eat a big ,eal at 1:30 in the afternoon. Hope yours in really good ...
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we usually have "chinese food Friday's" and order from the chinese food place in our neighborhood. What do I get? Chicken & brocoli in a white sauce with brown rice! Mmmmmm.....
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We do Chinese food Fridays about once or twice a month.
$28 gets us a mountain of food

I like the spicy orange chicken myself
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Its 18:30 here and i want to eat what youre cooking in that crock pot!

Might eat fish fingers and some corn flakes
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Come on over Fwan, it'll still be warm
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I'm going to try and make a spaghetti pie
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since its friday and we are really busy probably pizza or mcdonalds lol
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Come on over Fwan, it'll still be warm
yay! sounds delish!

I know what to ask my parents now for my bday!
A crock pot or a rice cooker!
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pork chops! rice,corn.
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I'm not sure yet? Probly fish or something like that
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It's a toss up between pizza or spaghetti!!
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I have ground turkey out for spagehetti but i have enough to cook tonight so maybe I will grab some subs from the grocery store.
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well, I was going to make chicken alfredo for dinner, but now my mom wants me and the BF to come fix her computer and we might have dinner there.
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Originally Posted by Beccory
well, I was going to make chicken alfredo for dinner, but now my mom wants me and the BF to come fix her computer and we might have dinner there.

Free food yay!
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Whatever I order at the restaurant
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Either Carne Asada with spanish rice and Guacamole or Salsbury steaks, mashed potatos & stir-fried brocoli which ever hubby wants. Will have the other tomorrow.
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Both me and Brandon work tonight..and we both work at the same place on Friday and Sat. Nights, so we end up ordering pizza or pasta off of the menu. Tonight though...I think I'll have a Salad, and some Garlic Bread. Yum. He'll probably get Pizza. We get it for half-off when we work, so super cheap PIZZA!
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DH and I have secured a babysitter and are going out to dinner, without children, for the first time in a long time. We haven't decided where yet...
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I'm on my own tonight, so I think it'll be a leftover turkey burger and low fat chips tonight!
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I plan on grilling a steak (well, a couple steaks, one for me and one for Scot). They're marinating now in my dad's special marinade. And we got some fresh-picked corn from my grandparents, so I'm going to grill that too. I'm really looking forward to it.

I wanted to grill tilapia last night but it started to rain as I was getting ready to go outside, so I had to do it on the Foreman grill. Still good, but not the same.
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